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Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Tartan Than You've Ever Seen!!!!

Imagine my delight when I spotted this booth at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta last weekend.  Scott's is a monthly show that attracts between 2,000 and 4,000 dealers.  Most of the dealers return to the same booth space nearly every month, but this month, Craig Ringstad, a newcomer, set up this incredible booth, just crammed full of Tartan Ware.  To a tartan lover like me...........nirvana!!!!!

His booth was full of treasures like I had never seen.  He told me he was probably the largest dealer of Tartan in the U. S. and I believe he must be!

Just look at these boxes and tea caddies.  I am sure that every clan must have been represented in his inventory. 

This group of napkin rings alone was enough to make me swoon.

And the very best thing of all was that he was so very kindly informative.  He told me how all tartan was made in the Mauchline factory, which burned down in the '30's.  This wonderful reference book described so many pieces I had never ever seen, or heard of, and I think Craig had nearly every one of them.  He spent so much time with me explaining about the process and what many of the pieces were used for.  I enjoyed every minute.  I wish I could have taken him out to dinner afterward just to keep learning and talking. 

Look at this sweet sewing case.....closed.....

and opened.

Did you ever imagine such a wealth of riches? 

Bowls, boxes, glove stretchers, compasses, darning eggs, fans, a purse, vases, tea caddies, tape measures, just the most incredible things.  I know, I keep using that word, "incredible", but it really is the most descriptive one I can think of!!!

He chose these more unusual small items for me to photograph.  He was so gracious and patient.

These fern designs were also made by the Mauchline company, using real fern fronds as production materials to get these beautiful patterns. 

These books are full sized, but he also had the most magnificent collection of miniature books.  They were so fascinating. 

Just look at some of these beauties!

Oh, they all sooo wanted to come home with me!

And look at what Craig showed me.  The pictures in these books are not printed on the pages, but rather are really photographs that are glued on.  Each one is an individual piece of art.

Talk about works of art.....look at these leather spines!

And look at this box made up of several different tartans. 

This was another favorite of mine.....a tartan match pocket. Love, love, love!!! 

Craig kept telling me that it was "all about the clans".
His large selection of reference books would be such fascinating resource material.

More eye candy!

Let me give you Craig's contact info:
Craig Ringstad

See anything you like?  Please give him a call or drop him an email and let him know that you saw his wares here.  I am so sorry that I never got a shot of his entire booth so that you could see the scope of his magnificent collection.


  1. OMGoodness, what a wealth of info he must have been. I, too, love tartan so seeing this was wonderful! Did you buy anything???? I am sending your link to Delores at Vignette Designs: she loves tartan! XO, Pinky

  2. OMG. The motherlode of tartan! Thank you for sharing and thank you Pinky for sending me the link. I think I may have to call Craig! I can never get enough tartan!

  3. I do believe I'm in tartan heaven. Thanks for sharing the link. I'll be visiting Craig. ;-)
    I'm sharing a bit of tartan plaid with cherries today. Stop by if you have time. Thanks again for the link. ~ Sarah

  4. Linda I'm not sure I've ever seen a booth at any of the shows I go to in Indy with anything more than a few pcs. What a find. I like the tartan, but love the ferns as well. A big antique show is coming this March, I will keep my eyes open to see if it is represented in any quantity. Thanks for the informative post. Barb B.

  5. I'm thinking that I may have to call Craig. That little match pocket just keeps bumping around in my head. It really wants to live in our downstairs guest bathroom. I got the sweetest thank you email from him. He was really tickled with this post.

  6. Craig passed on your site to me as I am interested in Mauchline tartan covered wooden items. You might like to try click on Finishes and then on the Finishes box and scroll down to Tartan.
    Any problems contact

  7. Craig Ringstad AntiquesFebruary 22, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    Thanks for all the GREAT comments. I'm the ower of the Tartan Ware items that are shown on this blog. I hope to meet as many of you possible at my antique shows. Please feel to contact me anytime you need something.

    Craig Ringstad Antiques 612-743-5753

  8. How did I miss his booth? I don't think I saw everything. It was my first time and my husband was with me so I hurried. My sister is going with me next time. I would love for you to add a link to my party. I didn't see one. Thanks for joining this week.

  9. Oh, my heavens. I have looked at these items for years and they are so expensive.... I can't even imagine the total value that a collection like that must be worth!
    I'm in shock and I'm not sure if it's because of all the beautiful tartanware I just witnessed OR because I live so far away and can't get down there to see it all in person!
    Thanks for emailing me this link. LOVE it.

  10. I will be in Atlanta in December at Scotts antique market. Hope to see everyone. I have new and exciting pieces of tartanware in . Please stop by and say hello. Craig Ringstad Antiques Cell 612-743-5753



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