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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Finally! A Party on the Deck!

It was the most beautiful evening on Sunday!  We had 14 dear friends over for a very casual pot luck dinner and it was finally cool enough to dine outdoors.  It seems that the same people who will play 18 holes of golf in 95 degree weather find it too hot to eat a meal outside.  Myself included.  But Sunday the air was nearly cool and I actually took a stack of shawls and wraps outside just in case.

Since everything was simple and casual, I used these paper products now on sale at Target.  Aren't they fabulous?  My daughter in Ohio found them first, and that sent me on a search for them here in Atlanta.  It wasn't so easy.  First store had none, second store had only cups, then I finally found only what you see here.  Fortunately, they were enough, and a plan was hatched.

Here, you see all three tables, with blue and white pots filled with sunflowers from the farmer's market, yellow napkins, and yellow or bamboo flatware.  

You can see what a pretty night it was, and the lake was especially reflective and beautiful.

This is just a cardtable in the corner, but, because I kept it so simple, there was plenty of room for four.

The third table overlooked the pool and fireplace.

I placed several candles around the railing and we did end up lighting them, as we lingered over a beautiful fruit tart dessert.

I had some little blue and white votives as well.

Lots of different chairs, but that's what it took to all be together in one place.

I've had emails asking how our different outdoor areas link up, so here's the round deck that we were just on, with these steps leading from......

here, which is just beside.......

here, which is just across the pool from......

here, which is beside the fireplace.

Got it?

I served from the bar/cabana room just off of the pool.

Here are the dishes before anything is dished up, because, as you  know, I loose my focus and forget about blogging as soon as the first guest arrives.   

Behind the bar, I set out more Cheeky products (the "Happy Day" cups) and various pitchers for tea and water.  Forget the fact that I still have the Press and Seal on the lemons!

I filled this English footbath with ice and wine bottles.  

This wooden French crate holds the summer liqueurs.  

We're ready for coffee, too!

This area of the same room has nothing to do with the evenings' offerings, but I just wanted to show off the monogrammed towels that my friend Amy (who can do anything) made for me.  Aren't they awesome? 

I like to extend the feeling of the evening into the powder rooms on the first floor.  Here are some daisies that feel like the sunflowers.

And in the other powder room, I tried to do the same.

I almost forgot that I had these hand towels.

And my little French shepherdess got some black-eyed daisies in her brass baskets.

I had a sunflower wreath on the front door, but when I got the news that one of our couples had just become grandparents that morning, I changed it out to this little onesie and a welcome sign for the new little one, Cort. 

This lucky baby was born to the beautiful couple I featured in a 3-part blog about their wedding exactly two years ago.  You can see it here, here, and here.   They are beautiful people inside and out, and I'm so happy to share their happiness.

How many mommies can give their parents a baby on Grandparents Day???  Here is the very beautiful, but very sleepy new grandma.  Or rather, Yaya!


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  1. Alfresco dinning is my favorite, and you certainly have a gorgeous area for dining outdoors. Your terraces and pool area are just perfect! I featured the Molly Hatch paper goods on my post last week. I adore her designs and was thrilled that she designed these paper goods. I kept calling Target, but no one even knew what I was talking about. Finally someone told me they were in groceries. Sure enough, there they were with all the general paper goods. Never did find the cute "Happy Day" napkins. Odd that the stores didn't get all the different pieces.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful party details. Love the blue and white theme!

  2. What a beautiful setting! I picked up the Molly Hatch paper goods myself last week, they are so pretty. I love all of the details and I know the new grandparents were thrilled with the welcome sign on the front door!

  3. Oh, I am longing to eat outside again and this looks wonderful! It is so sweet to add your friends' grandbaby arrival to the décor. What a thoughtful touch!

  4. I love eating outside when the cooler weather arrives. You had it all planned out perfect. I love your blue and white pitchers!

  5. Such a beautiful setting for a party! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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