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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Grocery Store Invite

Do you ever do this?  Run into a friend in the grocery store and share the fact that you're both stumped over choosing something for dinner?  Then invite them to your house?  In TWO hours?????  I settled on steak shiska bobs and a spinach salad.  She'd bring dessert.  Fine.  Then, as she went down the aisle to find a pie, she said over her shoulder, "Can't wait to see what pretty table you come up with."  Okaaaaaaaay.  Wouldn't be a problem, but I won't lie......the kitchen floor MUST be vacuumed and mopped before company comes. 

These flowers were already in this blue and white pot in the bar, so, even though they weren't the very freshest, they had opened a bit and seemed lush and pretty to me.  That meant I would be going with blue and white dishes and I knew just which ones I wanted.  Scalamandre's Toile Tale (!!!!!!). 

So many evenings in Georgia are too hot to enjoy outdoor dinner, but we have seen a bit of a break in the temps, and so I chose the table on the lower terrace for our table for four.  Doesn't it look cool and welcoming?

Here's the flowers.  They didn't leave much room for accessories, but I didn't have time for fussing with them anyway. 

I picked up the coral color from the roses in the geometric patterned napkins.  I thought they made this china pattern seem a little more contemporary.  The blue handled flatware reinforced the blue, and the wicker charger made it seem a bit more casual.

I love this pattern.  Here's the salad plate over the dinner plate.  Don't you love the way the bridge carries over from one plate to the other?   You can see another table I did this spring with a lot of these same items, here.

And here's the dinner plate alone.  It's like a fragment of a Blue Willow pattern.

These stems are huge, so I use them as water glasses. 

This white butter dish is so cute, and it lends itself to almost any style.  Fortunately, I had some really yummy bread from Theo's in Alpharetta in the freezer.

Salt and pepper sit in this little French dish.  I keep it beside the stove top and easily dip into it as I cook.

The wine was served off of this stone wall.

Isn't this wine label great?  The wine's good too!

It was a beautiful night, but I had misjudged the fact that the sun is going down a lot earlier these days. 

The evening started out like this....... 

and ended up like this.  Disclaimer:  Mr. Pressed Pants went into the house and brought these out.  Green candles and all!!!  Don't judge.

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  1. You are a miracle worker! Unexpected dinner guests and a gorgeous eating space as well!?! Lovely, lovely, lovely. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Beautiful tablescape made all the more impressive by the time crunch! What a lovely setting too!

  3. Beautiful Tablescape! Love the setting for dining pleasure. Your choice of dishes and color combinations are so lovely. Love you napkins with this tablescape.

  4. Love your blue and white toile china! The outside dining in the garden is a lovely place. Your pretty pink flowers in the blue and white container centerpiece gives a pop of color!
    Please, pop over and visit my Lemon Zest post this week!
    Have a great weekend!


  5. I love this serene and elegant table! Your china is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Wow, I am amazed at what you accomplished in those short two hours! You must have been flying at hyper speed. To get it all together and set such a pretty table too! Even the label on the wine bottle matches. I did get a kick out of your comment about the green candles your hubby brought out, mine would do the same thing and if I gave him a look he would say, "what"? Thank you so much for sharing your pretty tablescape over at Celebrate it Sunday!

  7. Pretty table and your patio if fabulous!! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

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