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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Flamingo Frenzy

I know.....I've been missing.  I have ignored my blog in favor of Instagram.  It's a matter of time management.  I won't totally walk away from A Toile Tale, but I'm posting less.  I'm not entertaining less, however, so please follow me on Instagram at #ldpete2626.

I'm soooo not ready to give up summer entertaining.  Will the rest of you bloggers please refrain from pushing fall?????  This table is a perfect example.  It's still hot, hot, hot here in Atlanta, so why pretend.  

These plates inspired the table.  They came from World Market last summer.  I pulled the bold colors from them and set a screamingly bright table.  

We needed the shade, so I chose the lower terrace.

Fiona the Flamingo made the perfect centerpiece.  She's covered with pink feathers and has a little sister, too.

I found them at Lucy's Market in Buckhead.  They are going to go to my daughter's pre-school class when I am done playing with them.

Here's the oasis ring that holds the pink carnations.  It has plastic on the bottom which will protect your table, but once it's soaked in water, it will hold flowers for days, just like a brick of oasis.

I wrapped a varigated Apisdistra leaf and a small orchid on the ordinary water glass, and held them in place with a piece of rafia.  The plain Tiffany wine glass was filled with Hogwash rose.  (Several times!)

These salt and peppers came from The Christmas Tree Shop.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the gazpacho and the salad with mango and shrimp.  I could do it all the day ahead, which is the way I like entertain.

These dessert plates came from Target years ago.

I used a flamingo margarita glass on a leaf to hold pineapple/coconut ice cream  for dessert.

Caspari handtowels were joined in the guest bathroom by a blow-up flamingo filled with fresh carnations and orchids.

And a flotilla of them were in the pool.  I must admit that the sound of the waterfall into the pool was a cooling sound on such a hot day.  But the warm friendships felt good!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Horse Lovers Come to Dinner

There's an adorable couple that we've been wanting to have to dinner, and last weekend we finally had them over.  They are horse lovers, so I dug into my stash of equine decorations and put together this table.  I'll admit that it was very hard for me to use these colors in summer.  They just say fall to me!  I guess I am very seasonally inspired.

But, I pulled out these Ralph Lauren linens and started with a rustic look.

I remember that when I saw these chargers at Pier One, I hesitated forever.  I have so many chargers and many of them are wooden.  Did I need any more?  No.  But, of course, I bought them.  And I love them.  The dinner plate and dessert plate are from ZGallerie. 

This flatware is some I use so often.  I played around with a light wood handle instead, but decided on this dark wood. 

 I was so happy to use these pieces.  I made the napkins from Ralph Lauren yardage years ago, and the rings are made by Rebecca Ray designs.

Don't you love the detail on this copy of an antique rosette.  Each of them has a different horse featured.

This glassware is some I use over and over.

My favorite stationery company, Seven Barks, makes these coasters with similar images to the napkin rings.  How cool are they?  

They also make these letterpress placecards with a snaffle bit design.  This image and many other great ones come on note cards, too.  They have a whole line of equestrian designs.  Check them out here.

We have a great nursery close by with a beautiful gift shop.  I found these stirrup candlesticks there last week. 

These faux bois salt and pepper shakers seemed to fit the bill.

I often use two, or even three runners in place of a tablecloth, especially if I am making them.  It is super easy to just cut and hem.

The colors of these flowers lift the feeling of the table, but still complement the colors.  Roses and alstromeria work together so well.  These are arranged on a wooden round and toped with a horse head.

These colors spoke to me!

This horse head is actually one side of a pair of bookends.  I just wrapped the base in a bit of plastic wrap and sat it on top of the brick of oasis floral foam that I used for the flowers.

I love a table for four!

Here's what greeted them at the front door.  I change out the wreath so often and I have a lot of them, but none of the seemed right for this evening, so I used the horse shoe.  It gave our guests a hint about the evening.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Holiday Picnic

We had a group of friends here for an early Fourth of July party.  Everyone brought a dish and  we had such a good time.  This is what greeted everyone at the end of our driveway.  I've started putting any gate decorations on with zip ties, as some have been stolen.  Grrrrr.

I tied this little tag on the front door so no one would have to keep an ear out for the doorbell.  I think it also set the tone that this is a casual event.

The color is awful on this photo, but this is the dining room table.  We ate outside, but served buffet style from the dining room.

This was earlier in the day before I put the centerpieces out.  I cut lots of hydrangeas from the cutting garden and the rest came from Kroger.  Super simple.  I learned the hard way to wait until the evening to take these outside, as the afternoon sun will wilt them, sure as can be.

Also on the dining room table, I placed a stack of plates and sets of flatware tied with twine.  Yes, I have 20 melamine red, whit and blue plates, napkins, and flatware, but the mix is the key.

When everyone brings a dish, you never know what serving pieces will be necessary, so I always try to put some out.  It saves digging while everyone is waiting to eat.

Also in the dining room, I placed a bowl and hurricanes with shells and sand.

We set up a drink station in the bar.  This jug has cucumber, lemon and mint water and it was very popular.  The big copper container is filled with ice to nestle beer and wine.

Sweet and unsweet tea is a must in the south.

This runner is from Ikea and the festive napkins came from Party City.

It was meant to be a self-serve station, and for the most part, it was.

Outside on the round white deck, we put two tables.

The long one had our wooden chairs from inside, so that if the rain returned, it would just take a second to get them inside.

The outdoor lines were a mix, too.  Who needs a bunch of all one thing? 

Checks are always picnic appropriate, and blue and white pots go with just about anything.

On the upper terrace, around the pool, we served all of the appetizers.  We were all so glad to be outside and we were grateful for the lovely weather.  I used the chairs from this table down below, so people sat on the stone wall.  It is the perfect height.  If I ever re-do an outside area, I'll be sure to remember that.

The lower terrace held ten more seats.

Do you love our new chairs?  Target!!!!!

And an old quilt top covers this table for six.

Inside in the breakfast room I set the table for dessert.  One bachelor brought home made ice cream and it was such a hit!

Here's my appetizer before I took it outside.  It's a  clam dip with chips and veggies.  I've never served chip and dip when it wasn't devoured.  Sometime the old standards are really appreciated.

It was a fun warm up for the Fourth!


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