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Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Salute of the Masters

I'm a little hurt that none of our friends elected to share their Masters tickets with us this year.  Did I do something?  Did we slight someone?  Come on people......keep me on your invitation list!  Well, in a show of licking my wounds, I set a golf themed table for our foursome, and then we played a round together.  This is my salute to the Master's Championship!

It was not too frou-frou, just clean and sort of masculine.

The star of the table was the linens.  They are embroidered with golf themed images.

This old guy is perfect to reflect the tradition of the Masters.

I used these woven napkin rings with these crisp napkins.

I stacked a wicker charger, our every day white china, and a dark (Masters jacket colored) green salad plate.  Then these dark wooden handled flatware joined the group. 

The glassware was a combination of some very inexpensive golf printed tumblers from Old Time Pottery and some green Imperial glass stems.

The Masters championship is known for it's azaleas, but ours are not quite open yet.  I was not too inspired by the grocery store's selection of flowers, but I chose these white carnations and packed them en masse to look like a golf ball.  Was that the first thing that came to your mind when you saw this?  No????  No one else caught it either.  :-(

Then I stuck some river birch twigs in there.......

and added this weird little bit of fill.  Now, these DO look golf balls, don't you think?

These vintage salt and peppers got to come out and play.

The old wooden candlesticks gave the space some weight, and you can see here that I used a piece of burlap as a runner.  One of our guests remarked that it looked like sand, and I think she jinxed me, as I was in the sand waaaay to much when we later played.

Not much to clean up to get over to the practice range.

I knew no one would want tea, but I couldn't resist putting this cute tea pot on the table.  Maybe I'll use it next time for a vase.
Well, if you're wondering what I fed our friends, it was pimento cheese sandwiches!!!!!  If you've never been to the Masters, it wouldn't mean much to hear this, but that golf tournament is known for it's incredible pimento cheese sandwiches, and they are only $1.50, I think.  The best value in spectator sports, for sure.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue Bird

Sometimes a dish can whisper and sometimes it will ask for a colorful party table.  That's the case here.

See this little guy?  I found him at Homegoods and I did not intend to pull the green out of the dish, but it was kinda bossy!

So here we are!  You almost need sunglasses.

I started with a turquoise tablecloth from the Palm line of linens.  If you see them for sale, jump on them, as they are great quality and launder beautifully.  

I'm disappointed at how this charger photographed.  It looks so yellow, but it was really a bright grass green.  I think I got it at World Market.  The dinner plate was so large that the charger barely showed, but the turquoise tablecloth and the turquoise plate needed a break from each other.

The glassware was a mix of green glass stems from Swoosie's and Waterford white wines.

I know you are asking yourself two questions:
1.  Why didn't she iron this cloth?
2.  Why didn't she straighten this spoon?

The white wicker napkin ring freshened up these layered napkins.  I rarely do this, because guests seems so stumped as to what to do with two napkins, but today, I thought they could handle it!

I added a white porcelain bird at each place, and later sat a hand lettered placecard beside him. 

More white birds in the salt and peppers......

and atop the butter dish.......

and around the two vases that held screaming green mums.

In the center of the table, I sat a chicken wire cloche with ferns, eggs, and a little green bird.

Can you see him in there?

I had one more bird dish that I used for rolls.  I didn't even use a napkin in it, as I didn't want to hide the bird.

I wasn't sure I could handle all of this color, but it was perfect for this group and everyone's need for spring.

Besides, I've been using a lot of neutrals and I was getting in a rut.

Here's the tea tray.  Do you see that the lid for the sugar bowl is missing?  Do you have one I can buy?  Really?  Please leave me a comment if you could part with this sugar bowl.  It came from Homegoods a couple of years ago.

Every time I get this out to use, I am afraid that bird will break off.  Probably because I've had a run of klutzyness.

I used this for lemon and mint.

And look who else joined the party......

these little lovebirds in just the right color.

And on the other side of the room, the sideboard held my annual spring display.  You can see how I put it togorether here.  I have a string of spring entertaining planned, so the fact that this is all faux material will make it last.  Come around often and join us!

I guess I did this post just in time to join Cuisine Kathleen's April Let's Dish linky party on April 9.  She is inviting bloggers to join with posts that feature birds, nests, or eggs.  Should be inspiring!

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