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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just Dinner with the Neighbor

Every now and then we invite our next door neighbor over for dinner.  He's a bachelor, so it doesn't matter what I fix, he thinks it's great.  So tonight, when I realized that we had a lot of food for just the two of us, I called next door and extended a quick invitation.  Of course, he accepted and in the time it took him to walk over here, I threw this table together, and while the guys grilled chicken, I snapped a few shots.

I bought these napkins from Pottery Barn outlet a few weeks ago, so it was in the back of my mind to use them.  Actually, it was early spring, and I thought they would be perfect for a spring table. we are in July....they look good tonight, anyhow!

I threw this green tablecloth on the table on the white deck, then used some yellow graphic placemats. 

This is the mark on the yellow and green plates.  They sure don't look like Pfaltzgraff, do they?  

This flatware came from Homegoods last week.  I've been wanting bamboo for a while, but since I have several other wooden handled sets, I've resisted.  But, since it was $19.99, I grabbed it!  I bet I'll wish I bought another four place settings.

These old green stems and gold stemless wine glasses finished the place setting.

These have been outside on another table, so that was easy.

All of these things were in the kitchen, as there was no time to scrounge around any further.

The lake was quiet tonight, but the deck wasn't.  Our neighbor is a talker and, as usual, the evening lasted longer than I intended, but no one wanted to call it a night.

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