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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Greatest Guest Bloggers!

This remarkable table design is brought to you by my remarkable grandsons.  Owen, 9, and Teddy, 12, were visiting and they wanted to create their own table.  I thought that was a great idea, so in between golf and swimming one day, they came into the house to make their version of magic.  I did nothing other than find things for them when they asked for them.  They shopped the house, the garage, the basement and just about every cupboard and closet.

My only requirement was that they use something under the "centerpiece" and the dishes, whatever they determined that would be.  So, down a burlap runner, they piled up lumber pieces they found in the garage.  They deemed wood as close to flowers, "because it's from nature".  Good so far!  Then, in my craft room, they found sticks, which were added rather gracefully, I must say.  THEN, a helicopter.  OK.

Then the toy closet (which is really the panic room), yielded rescue rangers, and a toy fire fighter's hat.  They wanted to "feature Boys Through Their Ages".  Every table needs a theme. 

To go with the wood centerpiece, there were safety goggles, a tape measure, and a hammer.  Then, as you can see, there is a turkey call, as well!!!!!  I loved this so much! 

I thought this was particularly inspired:  They took a safari toy cage and used it to house the salt and pepper shakers!  Fabulous!

Tortoiseshell glasses were chosen after much discussion. (Fighting.)

These quilted French placemats were a good choice.  The pinecone charger "matched the wood", and the natural colored dishes were the "something not fancy".  The flatware "matched the wood" too.  (Well, it DID!)

Weren't these napkins a good choice?  I'm blown away by their sense of color.  

This was the first selection for a napkin ring.

BUT, this one won out.  Rabbits with stags.  Well, ok.

Here's the placesetting.  Pretty sophisticated, right?

This is the most beautiful table that has every been set in this room.  

And this was one of the most wonderful meals.  These guys were so proud and I can't wait to have them do this again.  I'm flattered that they wanted to be part of my blog and so very proud of the results.  James Farmer and Eddie Ross might have some competition!

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