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Monday, March 26, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Well, as much as I love, love, love spring, it surely brings good news and bad news.  Here's an image of the good news.....a beautiful dogwood tree that grows at the top of our pond and waterfall on the lower terrace of our back yard.

And the bad news.......THE POLLEN!!!!  I took these photos last week and the pollen count was over 9,000!!!  Yep nine thousand!  BTW, anything above 1,000 is considered "very high".  That means grains of pollen per cubit feet of air.

I know....blah....blah....blah.  Grains, cubits, etc.  What is means is this: a mess. A yellow, pervasive, incessant mess.  This glass top on one of our outdoor tables had been wiped down completely two days before.  And here you see the results of two days of pollen. 

This phenomenon leads several of the Seven Dwarfs to inhabit the body of someone who lives in this home.  (Not me, not me!) Sneezy and Grumpy have possessed Mr. Pressed Pants. We can stand on our deck and watch clouds of yellow pollen swirl across the backyard.  The answer is rain.  So when can we see some?


  1. The pollen is such a necessary evil! We were looking much like you last week, but last Friday we had a light drizzle all day and it cleaned the air and the plants and everything was so beautiful for our weekend! Next come the grass pollens, which you can't see but invade your sinuses - yuck!

  2. It's almost unbearable for a few days but I love the blossoms!

  3. We got rain again today, but my allergies STILL have me all messed up! This is the craziest year ever!!! Please let your dear hubby know that I commiserate. We can be miserable together! We have actually had to close up the house and turn on the AC already to keep the pollen out!!!!!!!

  4. Linda~ I feel your pollen pain! The porch is covered, the dogs are scratching, I'm reaching for the Zyrtec! We've had a LOT of rain lately and it doesn't seem to help...


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