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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Wood" You Like To Come To Dinner?

This is a table I've been wanting to do for a long time, so I set the table today, since tomorrow, we're having another couple over for an early dinner before a meeting.  I wish the light were better when I photographed this, but you'll get the idea.  I wanted to use these white faux bois plates, and I paired them with lots of other faux bois items.

I limited the colors to taupe, white and dark brown and I used woods and wood grains whenever I could.

I starrted with this two-tone linen tablecloth that I brought back from France.  I love the embroidery and the faggoting.

This is a better photograph of the corner.  It shows the colors better.  Do you see the cicada?  That's a traditional image in all of Provence and you see it often in their pottery and linens.

I first saw these place mats at the Merchandise Mart at the fall show in the Caspari showroom.  I wanted the entire line, but that wasn't enough to put together a minimum order.  When I saw them at Boxwoods, I bought them immediately.

  I got the matching cocktail napkins and fingertip towels, too.

These bleached wooden chargers came from World Market.

I don't remember where I got these plates, but they carry them at Boxwoods.  I can't tell you how much I love them, even though the raised wood grain detail makes it a bit hard to eat off of them!

I decided to use the dark brown napkins between plates to make them show up a bit more.  

This flatware worked well.

These tortoiseshell water glasses are some of my hardest working glasses.  I've had them so long that I can't remember where they came from, but the little raffia covered glasses are from Tennille and Company.  I like to use them for wine.

I debated and debated about flowers.  I knew I wanted to use these birch bark covered pots.  Originally, I planned on white roses, or hydrangeas.  Then I contemplated white hyacinths, but I realized that I had white daffodils and Lenten roses already growing right in the garden.  I ran out in the rain in my pajamas and grabbed some.  Then I found some river birch twigs and added them.  Sheet moss covered the oasis and I added a few pieces of lichen for a little contrast.

Here's the way the three pots looked marching down the table, interspersed with birch bark covered votives.

I'm going use these little taupe dishes as bread plates.

I've had these tiny bark baskets for a long time.  I love to line them with parsley and then place a couple of butter balls in each one.  They look like little eggs.  I've sometimes rolled the balls in herbs or spices, but tomorrow, they'll be plain.

I had to use these faux bois salt and pepper shakers.

This good old wicker wine coaster looks good on this table.

This is another piece I brought back from France.  I bought it at a market in Aix.  I don't know what it was originally used for, but I like to use it for water.

Sometimes four is the perfect number of guests.  I love the conversation that flows.

I loved the way the flowers came out.  They were interesting, but very understated.

Here are the little dishes I used for the Pot de Creme.  They look just like tree stumps!

If anyone has the matching cream pitcher and would like to sell it, please contact me.  I've been looking and looking for it.  This is just too cute to use with a plain Jane white pitcher. Anyone???  Anyone???

And the place settings were casual, but creative.  I like the way the table gave a nod to Spring, but didn't go toward pastels.  But wouldn't this have looked wonderful in the garden?  Give me another fifteen degrees and we'll be dining out there regularly.  Can't wait!


Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed
Chicken Breast

Spring Vegetable Medley

Oven Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Chocolate Pot de Creme

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  1. What an unique table...very pretty. Those are the neatest plates...

  2. Oh, Linda, I love the feel of this table! I especially like how naturally the flowers fit in ... like the I ones I just saw on the side of the road while taking my bu by to the airport. I can see why you've looked forward to sharing this table. I'm so glad you did!

    I'm not sure why you're having trouble commenting on my blog. I'll hope this one goes through.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love woodland themes. Your table is just perfect!

  4. Wow, woman....this is SO cool!!! I saw those chargers at World Market and wanted them in the worst kind of way. They had to stay behind, but I will be back another day to claim my beauties! :-) Those dishes are really, really slick! I like the raised pattern even if it makes it a little hard to eat....people just need to learn to adjust! Plus they'll eat less & lose weight because psychologically it will seem there is a lot of food piled high on their plate! :-) The cicada is cute on the linen even if I hate to hear them screeching in the summer. What IS that noise they make?!?!?!! I LOVE that brown bottle you brought back from France! That is so pretty! Fantastic job on the flowers! They are that much more special because you retrieved them in the rain in your jammies! :-) I would be sure all of my guests knew what lengths I went to in my quest to provide a beautiful floral centerpiece for them! tee hee hee!

  5. So pretty. Love your color scheme and your tablecloth is beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful and most unique table. Each of the items you've added to the table setting are unique and beautiful on their own and when placed together it's gorgeous. The plates and salt & pepper shakers are my favorite pieces.

  7. Beautiful and unique tablescape. I love the natural feel. Love the birch bark covered pots.

  8. I am always a fan of natural tables and this one is just wonderful. Those chargers are calling my name and I love everything you placed with them. I just love this dishes. Dianne

  9. What a fun, interesting tablescape. I love all the faux bois pieces. You even have salt and peppers! Great table.
    Hope you are all safe there in Atlanta. ~ Sarah

  10. Very classy setting...I think the guys probably enjoyed it too...little froo froo, just simply wonderful. MJ

  11. I like so many things about this beautiful table, Linda...I guess mostly because of the [lack of] color...every detail is wonderful. And the flowers are perfect in those pots! Oh, and the tablecloth--gorgeous!


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