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Monday, March 19, 2012

Springtime At Mary Janet's

Today I decided to do a simple trayscape in my sweet friend's yard.  The tray was actually just an excuse to visit her and photograph this exquisite display of springtime.  She is very generous to give all of the credit for this beauty to her husband, Cy, but a project of this scope probably takes the efforts of both of them.

This bedtray reflects the soft springtime colors.  I used vintage LuRay china on a cutwork placemat.  I usually use this china for our Easter dinner.  You can see a post of our retro Easter dinner from last year here.

Is there a house like this in your neighborhood?  With swaths of tulips and daffodils?

This is a beautiful, historic area of Atlanta with gracious lawns and beautiful homes.

And, come spring, the entire area waits for these blooms.  People even bring their grandchildren here to get their Easter photos.  

Our spring is so early this year that I almost missed the window to get this post.

This guy seems to be proudly surveying the expanse of florals.

I moved the tray from the tulips over to this incredible azalea for a quick shot or two.

I can't imagine a more beautiful background for this tray.


Between the house and the garage, they have made this charming area with fencing, an arbor, and a brick floor.

Look at these great pots.

I can't remember what vine they have on this trellis, but don't you love the shape of it?

These boxwoods will stay, but our Georgia weather will necessitate pulling those pansies out and replanting this window box on the garage.

This lovely pond is centered so that you see it through a huge Palladian window in their family room.

Some of the beauty was unintentional......

but lovely, never the less.

I'll shut up now so that you can just take a virtual tour.

This display is a gift to the city and people talk about it every year.  Cy actually lifts these bulbs and replants new ones every year.  Imagine!
Thank you, Mary Janet and Cy.  I've been waiting and waiting to be able to feature this. And thank you, also for the beautiful bouquet you sent home with me.


  1. how utterly beautiful. Every photo inspires...your sweet friends yard is so welcoming. I'd love to see the front of the house and maybe the kitchen :)
    Sending you love my friend...lets do coffee soon!xo
    (and that LuRay china!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!I love it!)

  2. Everyone needs a friend like you, Linda, for you know and practice the art of making your friends feel special!!! Thank you so much for this pictorial view of our spring yard...even our son in Maine is going to enjoy it! Hugs, Mary Janet

  3. What a beautiful yard. I'm so glad you took a trayscape there and photographed it. I love LuRay china and the colors are so Easter perfect. I live near Atlanta and would love to see this yard sometime. Gorgeous! hugs, Linda

  4. Is that vine on the trellis clematis? That's what it looks like from here, but I can't be sure. At any rate, the entire floral display as well as the home itslef...gorgeous!!! I DO have neighbors who have fabulous displays of springtime flowers each year. I'm so jealous! The bedtray you put together fits in perfectly!

  5. Your tray is so pretty and is perfect for the surroundings.. What a magnificent display of flowers and blooms.. xo marlis

  6. This is a beautiful setting! I can't believe they do the tulips every year--that is a huge job. I looked at your previous Easter post and I am surprised how different the dishes look in the natural light. They are much brighter than I realized. Up here in Connecticut the earliest daffodils are just beginning to open--no azaleas or tulips yet, so it is wonderful to see some flowers! Linda

  7. Thanks for the tour. What a beautiful place. Your tray (color) is perfect!

  8. what a beautiful home and garden~

  9. I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers, we are no where near that yet! Your tray is so pretty, what wonderful colors for Easter.
    My mom had beautiful gardens, people used to ask if they could have their wedding pics taken there! :)
    Here I have to fight the deer off, they eat all the flowers!
    Thanks for linking up with Let's Dish! I hope you will join again next Wed at 7!


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