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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Peonies with Pow!!!!

I just love, love, love peonies.  A few days ago, a storm was predicted, so I scurried outside and snipped a big bunch of them before the rain ruined them.  I didn't know at the time, but that storm resulted in the worst loss of life due to a natural disaster in the USA next to hurricane Katrina.  I was so worried about my flowers, but so many families lost every thing they had as well as those they hold so dear.  I so sincerely pray for their healing.  

I can't remember the name of the varieties, but I must say that my peonies are looking really great!

This one looks like I photoshopped it!  It doesn't even look real.  It actually looks just like the one on the plates I chose for this tablescape.

I love this version, too, but it seems to "shatter" really easily.

Bet ya thought I'd set a serene pink and white table with them!!!  Well, I'm walking on the wild side today with this 'scape!

It was such a beautiful afternoon. I could not have guessed what would come later that night. 

I set this up on our lower terrace, but I shot this from the upper one through the climbing hydrangea foliage.

Here's the wide shot of the lower terrace.  The beds are starting to fill in, but I haven't planted the annual color yet.

So I pulled out the vibrant colors from the storage closet and linen press.  They really pop against the white of the outdoor furniture and the stone terrace.

I started with a very bright turquoise tablecloth.  It is actually a rectangular size, but I just pouffed and draped and it works just fine.  I just wish the wrinkles were a little less obvious, but hey, think shabby chic, ok?

These plates are some of my very favorite.  They are melamine from Target several years ago.  Here's where these bold colors came from!

This flatware is made by Cambridge.  It is super cheap, but a quite acceptable quality for a novelty look. 

My sweet mom gave me these napkin rings years ago.  She has a huge Fiesta pottery collection and this has always reminded me of Fiesta ware.  I really don't think it is, though.  The bright green napkins are from Homegoods.

I slipped a silk peony in each napkin ring, too, just for a little lushness.

These bright pink plastic glasses are also from Homegoods, and the wine tumblers are actually vases that I bought in bulk from the wholesaler years ago.  They are the only fragile thing on the table.  Most of the rest is plastic!

I went to apple green again for the urn shaped vase for the peonies.  I had two of these, but I broke one.  It was nice to use them both on a table, but for a small table like this, one is sufficient.

Isn't it a shame that the blooming season is so short?

The flowers on the plates will last, but I can never bring myself to use them unless I have peonies to go with them.


Can't you almost smell them? 

 Well, here's the sad part.....we never got to eat at this table that night, as the weatherman strongly suggested that we prepare for bad weather, so I gathered these things and took them to the breakfast room table.  Nice, but not the same.

I don't want to sound like I'm whining.  A lost opportunity is nothing like the loss that so many Southerners experienced this week.  There are so many people and organizations leading drives for supplies to help the affected area.  If you are so moved, please find a way to help.

Of course, my very favorite use of peonies was at my beautiful daughter's wedding.  The only flowers used in the bouquets, or the tables were peonies.  What a precious memory!

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  1. Well, I'm happy we got to enjoy your beautiful table. And yes, I can smell the peonies. Fabulous!!! I wish we could grow peonies here. I can just image how wonderful it was to have only peonies at your daughter's wedding. ~ Sarah

  2. Oh, this table is stunning! You were brilliant to use that pale turquoise tablecloth to make your gorgeous peonies pop! Those plates are perfect for this table -- love it all!

  3. I always love your peonies! Remember all of the bushes we had in Carmel? I can still smell them. The table looks lovely.

  4. In sure do remember all those peonies. That was the most, most, most wonderful!

  5. What a beautiful table. I love the bright colors, and peonies are my fav too!!

  6. This is a stunning table you have set. I LOVE the turquiose against the white. The colors caught my attention right away.

    I too love peonies. Here in the NE they're just a dream right now. Yours are gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Miss Mindy
    The Howell Blessings.

  7. Beautiful!!! Simply Beautiful! Lovely contrast of colors & I think your Target plates look like fine handpainted china, truly.

    I am IMpatiently waiting for my peonies to bloom. I put the cages around them last week as they are getting taller by the day.

    The wedding photo of you & your DD is just beautiful. She is a gorgeous bride & I think she resembles you very much. What a happy memory for you each time you see your flowers.

    The ones I have growing around my house are transplants of the ones I grew up with as a child. Old fashioned, for sure!

    Thanks for sharing you pretty table & your fond memories.

  8. Mine are just starting to bloom. I love the colors you used, so bright and happy! Great idea to use all peonies at your daughter's wedding, I bet that was so lovely! Gorgeous flowers, adorable setting! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love all the vibrant colors in your tablescape. Peonies are my second favorite flower...mine are all budded but haven't opened yet. The scent will be intoxicating when they do!

  10. Such a bright, beautiful table! Lovin' the peonies (mine will bloom towards the end of the month) and all of the great colors you've used! It would be very inviting to have a meal at this table:@)

  11. Sooo wonderful,your terrace is perfect for gettin' out and enjoying your beautiful flower garden,I can relate to the "crazy" weather,I'm just southeast Georgia.It has actually turned off a little cool this morning.
    Love your bright colors,so cheerful and inviting.
    And your peonies are out-of-this-world gorgeous!

  12. Hi lovely lady. I love your Beautiful Tablescape with the pink dishes. Your flowers are gorgeous to die for sweet lady. I hope you have a lovely Mother Day also.

  13. Love them all and love the bright tablecloth. It must have been so rewarding to have your daughter use all the peonies in her bridal bouquet. I keep planting more in goal of having enough to cut a lot for arrangments indoors someday. It is a shame blooming time is so short. Makes them more precious. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. My fav table so far! (I think my initials are in black permanent marker on the back of those plates).
    It was my dream to have all peonies at our wedding- it will be 10 years this summer! My peonies are only about a foot tall and weeks away from blooming, but they are my favorite end of the year gift for all of our teachers.
    What a great inspiration (of good taste) my mom has been- Happy Mother's Day!

  15. Your peonies are gorgeous. Love your table tooo with all the beautiful colors. Happy Spring.

  16. Your peonies are fabulous -- I need to plant some more1

  17. I'm a huge fan of peonies and your photos are gorgeous - they do almost look fake. Your table with the pink and turquoise is fabulous.

    Happy Show and Tell Friday from your newest follower :O)

  18. So very pretty! Your table is so lovely and your deck is the perfect setting!! You peonies are so beautiful... you should share them on Fresh-cut Friday... come by and see! :)


  19. Mrs. Peterson,
    You are an so many ways! Happy Mother's Day!

    Ann Abbey

  20. What a lovely tablescape~ I love your peonies- they are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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