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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day on the Lake

I planned an intimate, wonderful picnic dinner tomorrow night (Labor Day)  on our lake for Mr. Pressed Pants.  Our weathermen seem to be in agreement that it isn't going to happen.  It seems that we will be getting the remains of Hurricane Lee all day tomorrow.   That's definitely a good news/bad news thing, as we need the rain desperately.

So.....even though he couldn't be there today for dinner, I took everything to the lake for photos of my picnic that I planned.  You'll notice that there's no food!  That was to come tomorrow!  So, it's sort of a pretend picnic, I guess.

Everything but the flowers fit into this old picnic basket.

There was to be a little atmosphere with candles.

And what do we have here?

A bit of the bubbly!  Actually, a wee little bit each.

I picked these melamine plates with the flags on them up at Tuesday Morning quite a while ago.  Don't they look remarkably like Ralph Lauren's plates?  They aren't marked on the back, so I don't know who makes them.

The "tablecloth" is a quilt top that I purchased years and years ago.  It was never finished into a quilt, but that's ok with me.  I just use it as a table linen, frayed edges and all.

Here are the two "placesettings".

The flowers are Kroger alstromeria and carnations with a bit of our salvia.  I put it into an off-white pottery pitcher.  These candlesticks are soooo old.  I have no idea where they came from.

I used these dish towels from Ikea (50 cents each!) as napkins.  They work well, as they are not brilliant white, but a bit creamy and they don't fight the aged white in the quilt.  The flatware is from Target, I think, and the white wicker napkin rings are ages old, too.

I KNOW!!!!  This boat isn't even IN the water.  It's still sitting on the end of the dock.  It started sprinkling as I was taking pictures, so I never even put it in.  I told you that this became a pretend picnic!

I had a book packed for myself, and I'm sure that Mr. Pressed Pants would have his fishing pole.  I really can't find the thrill in fishing, and I've learned that you have to be quiet (therein might lie the problem), so I always come prepared to read.

Aren't these dessert plates great.  I had a bit of a crash in the "vault" and I now have five of these plates instead of eight.  :-(

At least, these will still be good for indoors tomorrow!

Packed up and ready to head back up to the house.

Everything but the flowers fit into the basket.

This won't be the same indoors.

And we won't be using the sparklers, either.

But, inside this wonderful house, we'll be safe and dry.  I wish everyone who has had to deal with this weather (too dry or too wet), were as lucky.

It dawned on me that I have never shared the rear of our house with you.  This is the round white deck that I have often shown you and off to the right is the pool area.  Down by that dogwood tree at the far right is the lower terrace.  Grass? Not so great.  Wish for the holiday?  Fabulous!

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  1. I understand your frustration at not being able to follow through with your plans. It is raining here and is supposed to get heavier by tomorrow. No outdoor plans for us either. We have a covered porch so if the mosquitoes aren't too bad we can at least eat there. I'm sure your picnic would have been wonderful because you had such pretty things to take along , right down to the beautiful flowers. Just adjust your plans and go ahead and have your picnic indoors. Good luck! Shannon

  2. I think that, maybe pretend picnics/picnics of our imagining can be better than the real thing. Kudos to you for pressing on to bring us such lovely images. Yes, it is finally raining AND cooling down! I'll take it. Picnics can be had any day - outside or IN. I need a break in the weather. Happy weekend.

  3. Let's see...good things about pretend spills on the old sticky dishes to wash after getting them home. Yours was pretty much a Mary Poppins' "Spit Spot" picnic. I love the mix of reds, whites, and blues. Thank you for going to the effort to stage your tablescape just for us. It was darling. Happy Holiday! Cherry Kay

  4. This looks so pretty, pretend or not!
    Your dishes are fantastic... would love some of those myself. I am loving your house and on a lake... my dream! You can show you sweetie the photos and he will be able to see how sweet your gesture was, right?
    I am a fisherman... big time.
    I dreamed about fishing for muskie LAST NIGHT in fact! My hubbie's bday is this week so I am angling for some lake time somewhere!!
    Great post. Such a pretty setting.
    Hope Rebecca Ray gets to see the little promo I did for her this week too. :)

  5. Linda~ This really floats my boat! Pretend or not what your details of the quilt top, wonderful plates, flowers & "Pop"! I see you have some wonderful water lilies floating in your lake too...

    My hubby is the fisherman, I sometimes tag along and babysit a rod & reel with a book & a beverage~ there for the scenery & serenity. He is forever annoyed that I don't pay attention and usually catch more than he does. I keep telling him there's a reason it's called fishing instead of catching :-)

    We had nice weather Saturday & Sunday but got some horrific weather yesterday & are still under tornado & flood warnings from Lee so Labor Day was a wash out here. Love your lakeside view!

  6. I enjoyed your pretend picnic! Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.
    Joyce M

  7. Loved your picnic as it was great for so many inspiring ideas.. Love the quilt top.. I have one not finished.. where is that?? and the dishtowels as napkins.. and the twine around the flatware.. Your home is gorgeous. I'm so happy I dropped in and saw your picnic.. pretend or not! It was fabulous.. xo marlis

  8. This was just darling! I love the idea of the picnic on the boat, and the items you chose were fabulous! Your home is beautiful, I love that it's a short walk to the water. I enjoyed your post and your lovely picnic tablescape!!

  9. Your pretend picnic was perfect. The scenery, the dishes...everything was beautiful.

  10. Linda, this is the perfect dieter's picnic: It's beautifully designed, but no food! Perfect! I should indulge in this a little more oftern! :-) First...LOVE the back of your house! That round deck is COOL! COOL, I tell you!!! And for some reason I didn't realize the lake was such a short jaunt from the back. Wonderful! Mr. Pressed Pants can have his silly fishing. Like you, being quiet is NOT my strong suit unless I'm watching a movie. The fish need to get over themselves! Your floral arrangement is a knockout! You did a fantastic job with those flowers!!! That looks like a totally professional job! The baby champagnes are so neat! They are the perfect size for breakfast. Oops...did I say that out loud? :-) FABULOUS pretend picnic on the pretend lake, darling!!!

  11. I enjoyed your pretend picnic! It was so pretty! I love the dishes and flatware. Everything is just perfect for a sunny afternoon of fishing and reading.Too bad you couldn't enjoy it....but there is always another time.
    Hope you had fun the next day.
    Blessings My Friend,

  12. I love a picnic...cute striped flatware to go with the gingham rimmed plates.

  13. Love your pretty backyard. What a wonderful pretend picnic you've shared. Those Tuesday Morning plates are delightful -- especially with that charming flatware. Thanks for inviting us along.

  14. Goodness, what a sweet picnic you had planned. I love those melamine plates; I so would have snagged them if I had run across them.

    Thanks for braving the rain drops so you could share these gorgeous photos with us.

  15. That is an adorable table setting and what a patriotic post. Your right in that finding the right words today are so difficult but the events of 9/11 remind us that America is not about political parties, instead it is about one nation, under God. We are all proud to be American. Love both of your posts.

  16. Beautiful, I love this light picnic and your gorgeous plates. I am a fisherman too, there are great lakes close here and we have gonne even with our granddaughters, who love too!! I sure would like to indulge in this soon, I will, you've inspired me! I love the back of your house, it is lovely with that round deck! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, FABBY

  17. What a fun picnic! It is very cute and you did a great job on it. I love the back of your house! Gorgeous!
    Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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