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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cashiers Showhouse

A few weeks ago, my best friend and I met in Cashiers, N. C. for the 14th annual decorator's showhouse.  This year, it was a log cabin which was built in l967.  It is made of two log cabins, one from the l790's and one from the 1830's.  They were purchased, dismantled, moved and reconstructed here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It sits on 42 acres and as you enter the gate, you cross the Eastern Continental Divide.  The house was remodeled by 17 interior designers and 4 landscape architects for the show.

Look at the logs and chinking and stonework.

This entry patio was done by James Farmer.  The folding chair is only there for viewers to sit to put on shoe covers.  I had to stop photographing here, because they did not allow pictures inside. 

BUT, when I got to the porches, I started snapping again.  This is the lounging porch done by Francie Hargrove who owns a wonderful shop in town.  I so want to pull a chair up to this table and sit for hours.  Imagine the beautiful memories that you could make in the cool mountain air with the crickets chirping, the wine flowing, and your  friends surrounding you.  It is so beautiful and just my favorite rustic style in the world. 

Here's a centerpiece that everyone can see over!  Just an old wooden dough bowl filled with moss.  Perfect!

I fell in love with this pewter wine coaster.  It is a spaniel flushing a duck from the reeds.  I was determined to buy one of these when we went to Francie's shop until I saw the price.  Sticker shock! 

Look at these glass bird votives.  So cute.  Don't you love the wood table?

These free form dishes are topped with pewter acorn napkin rings.  Love. Love. Love.

And look at the beautiful monogram on the linens.

These unusual hurricanes are terrific for this table.

Across the porch is this a-ma-zing bar.  Seriously cute.  Brown and cream checked curtains surround this entire porch.

I didn't get the whole outdoor fireplace, but this is the mantle with this incredible black forest antler plaque.  Oh, my gosh.....this piece is soooo special.  I don't know if I could bear to let it hang outside.  See the curtains?

And look at the twig trellis that surrounds the porch.

On the back porch, I fell in love with these iron turkeys.  I looked for these in town, but never found them.

I would live out here.  How about this great planter? 

Have you ever seen a cuter swing?  Check it out.  Burlap and nailheads.  Hung by ropes.  Darling!

Could it be more creative?

The other end of the porch held this stunning vignette.

You can't fake the beauty of this railing.

All of the flower boxes on the railings were filled with these cheerful Black Eyed Susans.

And here's the view to the crystal clear lake.  The showhouse cafe has table and chairs here and they were having problems getting people to leave and give the seats to the next people.  Nobody wanted to leave this view.  This was really a great showhouse.  Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner from Bravo TV's "Million Dollar Decorators" both spoke, as well as James Farmer and Charles Faudree, who did the entryway.  Rumor has it that Charles is moving there. 

I loved the day I spent with my dear friend whom I haven't seen all summer.  She has the most exquisite taste and just built a mountain house herself.  She has promised that I can do a post soon on it. The perfect day with just the right person.  Worth the drive!!! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comfort Food on the Terrace

Last week was a particularly tough week for Mr. Pressed Pants, so I fixed his favorite meal (meatloaf!) and we had a nice meal down on the lower terrace.  We've been missing one of our favorite couples, so I used their names on place cards just for photographing. 

It was a beautiful evening and we relaxed and talked and talked.  This shot is taken from the upper terrace.

I started with this beautiful French script fabric in a pale turquoise with this grey/brown print.  I didn't even hem the edges, but please don't tell my mother!

I picked up the bird theme on the cloth and added small bird nests and a velvet leaf just for a place card.

Yes, Michael, we wish you were here.

And Barb, too!!!!

I added these wire chargers, then a cream plate and a chocolate brown plate, both from Target.  Then this cream faux French flatware.  (Cheryl from JoJo's Joys is looking for some of this to add to her stash.  Does anyone know where this is still available?) 

These cream linen napkins are held in place with these beautiful feathers that I made into a napkin ring.  The colors are perfect for this tablecloth, don't you think?

The glassware is a mix of clear and aqua glass.  The aqua is Martha Stewart's from Macy's.

And these French tumblers are a favorite of mine.  I think these say "a glass of friendship".
That was my inspiration for "inviting" Barb and Michael to the table.

This pewter piece held oil and vinegar.

I loved the "patina" on these candlesticks.  They came from my favorite Atlanta store, Boxwoods.

They aren't old, but they look a bit aged.  The colors couldn't be better for this table.  They are usually in one of our guest bedrooms.

I used this faux bois pot for the flower arrangement.  The flowers all came from the floral wholesaler.  The cream gerbera daisies and hypericium showed up nicely against the wood color and......

these scabiosa seed pods were my surprise element.  I just love these.  I never saw them before.

Look how the brown stripes on the pods mimic the wood.  I'm so glad that they are sort of dry, so I have been able to keep them for future dried arrangements. 

Want to look at it again?

This was a very serene table, and a lovely evening, even without our "guests".

Since these pillows from the guest room were the perfect shade of linen and trim, I brought them down for a little extra comfort.

Before and after dinner, we moved to these chaises, which are on the same level as our dinner.  We sat and let the frogs, Canadian geese, and the owl serenade us.

I used this little turquoise tray for our appetizers. (Melon wrapped with prosciutto)

And for sentiment, I added a couple of acorns which have already fallen on the terrace.

Missed you, Barb and Michael.  It would have been a fun foursome!

You could have been another set of love birds at the table!!!!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


American flag by JakeCunliffe

                                                                I have no words today.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day on the Lake

I planned an intimate, wonderful picnic dinner tomorrow night (Labor Day)  on our lake for Mr. Pressed Pants.  Our weathermen seem to be in agreement that it isn't going to happen.  It seems that we will be getting the remains of Hurricane Lee all day tomorrow.   That's definitely a good news/bad news thing, as we need the rain desperately.

So.....even though he couldn't be there today for dinner, I took everything to the lake for photos of my picnic that I planned.  You'll notice that there's no food!  That was to come tomorrow!  So, it's sort of a pretend picnic, I guess.

Everything but the flowers fit into this old picnic basket.

There was to be a little atmosphere with candles.

And what do we have here?

A bit of the bubbly!  Actually, a wee little bit each.

I picked these melamine plates with the flags on them up at Tuesday Morning quite a while ago.  Don't they look remarkably like Ralph Lauren's plates?  They aren't marked on the back, so I don't know who makes them.

The "tablecloth" is a quilt top that I purchased years and years ago.  It was never finished into a quilt, but that's ok with me.  I just use it as a table linen, frayed edges and all.

Here are the two "placesettings".

The flowers are Kroger alstromeria and carnations with a bit of our salvia.  I put it into an off-white pottery pitcher.  These candlesticks are soooo old.  I have no idea where they came from.

I used these dish towels from Ikea (50 cents each!) as napkins.  They work well, as they are not brilliant white, but a bit creamy and they don't fight the aged white in the quilt.  The flatware is from Target, I think, and the white wicker napkin rings are ages old, too.

I KNOW!!!!  This boat isn't even IN the water.  It's still sitting on the end of the dock.  It started sprinkling as I was taking pictures, so I never even put it in.  I told you that this became a pretend picnic!

I had a book packed for myself, and I'm sure that Mr. Pressed Pants would have his fishing pole.  I really can't find the thrill in fishing, and I've learned that you have to be quiet (therein might lie the problem), so I always come prepared to read.

Aren't these dessert plates great.  I had a bit of a crash in the "vault" and I now have five of these plates instead of eight.  :-(

At least, these will still be good for indoors tomorrow!

Packed up and ready to head back up to the house.

Everything but the flowers fit into the basket.

This won't be the same indoors.

And we won't be using the sparklers, either.

But, inside this wonderful house, we'll be safe and dry.  I wish everyone who has had to deal with this weather (too dry or too wet), were as lucky.

It dawned on me that I have never shared the rear of our house with you.  This is the round white deck that I have often shown you and off to the right is the pool area.  Down by that dogwood tree at the far right is the lower terrace.  Grass? Not so great.  Wish for the holiday?  Fabulous!

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