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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Bag Lunch

I held a committee meeting here today to work on an up-coming event, followed by a board meeting.  In order to have a simple lunch that we could work all morning and meet while we ate lunch,  I decided that a bag lunch seemed like a good idea!

Most everything was purchased at the grocery store, but quickly transformed into something a little more festive.  I'm lucky to have Mom visiting, so we just cranked this out this morning before everyone got here.

Pimento cheese spread and thin-sliced Pepperridge Farm white bread made tulip shaped sandwiches.

And ham salad.....

with wheat bread made flower-shaped sandwiches.

Into cellophane corsage bags they went.

I had already topped wooden skewers with some free downloaded printables.

They made pretty fruit kabobs.

Then I slid them into this printed plastic bag from the Dollar Store.

This egg shaped pan from Martha Stewart made a pretty dessert.  Martha included a complicated recipe for cake, but I just use a white cake mix.  I  used a melon baller to scoop out a bit of cake and dusted the top with confectioner's sugar.  Then I filled the hole with prepared lemon curd for the "yolk". She suggests a colored glaze on the bottom, but I didn't to that. 

Wilton cupcake holders made colorful holders for the cakes, and these were placed in a corsage bag, too.

Deviled eggs cut to make a zig-zag hat are just a slight twist on a picnic favorite.  A carrot beak and olive eyes finish them off.  

So here's lunch before it is packed in white paper bags with colorful tissue and ribbons.

Since there were no serving pieces necessary, the table setting was very simple.

The event we were prepping for is an Easter dinner with a craft project for the women of our church, so I decided to rush the season a bit and do an Eastery look with bright pink and green.

I grabbed a bright pink quilted place mat, pink linen napkins, a wooden bunny napkin ring and some pink and green flatware.  These square plates are pink and white plastic toile from Target that I bought several years ago.  

I'm generally not fond of painted glassware, but I love these stems that are painted with Easter baskets.  You can see how I used them for Easter dinner here.

The tablecloth is from Target and is part of the "Swell" collection from Cynthia Rowley.  My mood is always improved by pink and green!

A small hot pink azalea in a Guy Wolfe pot is the centerpiece.  It was a bit small for the table, but I was going with what I had around the house.

Here's the bag on the table.  

All we had to do was unpack and enjoy dining together.  This is a remarkable group of women and they are sharing so much with me.  I was happy to share lunch with them!

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  1. Aw, man, Linda!!! This is fabulous!!! Really fabulous!!! Today is forecast to be in the 50s, so I'm already feeling like Spring is right around the corner...then you post THIS!!! I love all the pastels!!! I'm a pink & green freak, too. What a cool idea! The ladies HAD to be bowled over! You did a crazy wonderful job with the food! Those deviled eggs are too cute! That would require a degree of patience far beyond my grasp, but they are absolutely darling!!! The little noses and eyes are such a nice touch. And the egg-shaped dessert....!!!!! I am sure I wouldn't want to follow Martha's mammoth recipe, either, and that a good box cake mix would be right up my alley! It's all good! :-) It has been so long since I had a ham salad sandwich. I love ham salad, but I just don't ever think to make it. It reminds me of grade school. That was one of my favorite lunches in the cafeteria! Slam dunk, sister girl!

  2. Wow! That bag lunch may be the cutest I have ever seen! Your fellow committee members were surely blessed. I know that they appreciated all of your hard work. (Found you through BNOTP)

  3. Wow! I love this. And I'm going to do something like it FOR SURE. I've done picnic dinner parties, but never thought to put the goodies in bags. That's great. I can't wait to have The Ladies over and do this.

    Now, be honest. Was it hard to cut those eggs so that they had zig-zag edges? Did you use something special, or just go at it with a kitchen knife?

    Love it ALL.

  4. Every detail of your luncheon is absolutely awesome! I adore the deviled eggs. I have to figure out a way to store your post, so that I can refer to it when I get ready to co-opt your wonderful ideas. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  5. Everything is Pink-fabulous!! The food looks wonderful and simple to prepare, I must remember these great ideas when it comes time for Easter.

    Thank You for sharing and have a super day!


  6. What a wonderful luncheon for your team. They will appreciate your hard work on their behalf so very much and feel so special and loved. Well done!!

  7. What an awesome blog!!! Love it all from the easy food to the adorable presentation and packaging. I'll be copying some of your ides for sure. Way to go, BB. MJ

  8. So cute! I have some of those Swell Target toile plates and bowls too! Love all you pink and green and Easter colors - makes me long for Spring!

  9. Such fun ideas! Don't see how you can improve on that for the church party! Hope you share what the craft is later.

  10. p.s. The deviled eggs are too cute.

  11. That's a fun lunch! The deviled eggs are adorable:@)

  12. How cute! You came up with some great ideas! The deviled eggs are adorable and I never thought of cutting a sandwich out with a cookie cutter! Those skewers with the fruit are very cute too!

  13. What a darling Spring luncheon! I especially love the chick deviled eggs. I have those same flower cupcake holders and I love lemon curd. I'm sure everyone enjoyed their fun lunch! Visiting from Seasonal Sunday. Now a new follower.

  14. You are so very clever! What a delight and everything can be prepared in advance saving you lots of time. That time away from your guests while you are in the kitchen preparing food always was a bother. Your solution was excellent. I'm sure the guests were delighted! Peggy from PA

  15. I bet everyone wants to sign up for your committee!!

  16. I love these bags of lunch, especailly the egg chicks, I have to steal it. Richard from My old Historic House.

  17. I wanna be a committee member so I can have a cute bag lunch!!! This is too adorable, from the lemon curd cake to the deviled egg~ although I might have a hard time taking a bite out of one of those chicks :) So creative~ I love it all!

  18. Wow!! These lunch bags are adorable. I just loved the entire food items. Everything looks yummy. Have been planning a ladies meeting at one of meeting space San Francisco. Going to have similar lunch bags there. Thank you so much for this idea.


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