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Saturday, March 31, 2012

National Tartan Day 2012

Of all of the designs that have stood the test of time, tartan has to be the most iconic.  Well, I guess I'd add Blue Willow to that list, now that I think of it.  But I worship at the feet of tartan, and I'm about giddy over National Tartan Day on April 6th.

Here's the table I set for this year's celebration.  It's sort of hard to not make this Christmasy, but I do love the masculine look it gives a table.  Must remember this for Mr. Pressed Pant's birthday.
I inspiration for this table is this set of four Ralph Lauren dessert plates in four different tartan patterns. (This is my first collage ever.  This old dog CAN learn a new trick!)

I layered each of them over a plain white ironstone plate. All of this pattern needs a place to rest your eyes.

Two different tartan runners made from cotton from the fabric store went across the table.

My Palm Restaurant white linen napkins were wrapped with three different tartan ribbons which I bought years ago in the cheap ribbon spool section of Michael's.  Wish I had more!  Then I took one thistle and tucked it into the ribbon.

Here's a close-up.

The flatware is my old standby wooden handled stuff that I use over and over.

I know that Waterford is Irish not Scottish, but hey, close enough!  

These very heavy cut glass tumblers are etched with thistles.  I bought these for a gift for a friend who loves thistles, and then "forgot" to give them to her.  After she moved away, I stopped feeling guilty about using them.

The centerpiece is an antique wooden bowl with a silver monogram plaque filled with white carnations and studded with fresh thistles.  Then I stuck loops of tartan silk ribbon in between the flowers and put little tails of it on the bottom edge.

Looks like I gathered these from out on the moors, doesn't it?  I love the way the blue/green color picks up the blue in the plaids.

I used these solid, sturdy wooden candlesticks with plain white candles.

For a little more wood to ground things, I chose these faux bois salt and pepper shakers.

A plain woven wicker wine coaster is another go-to item in my cupboards.

Makes me feel like wearing a kilt and dancing a jig.

There's a great group of bloggers who are hosting a fun blog romp.

Show Me Your Tartan! 

Four blogs.....four days!
April 1-4

I'll be posting on all four!


  1. Love the "forgotten" gift! The thistle etching is beautiful. What a fun celebration too! What's on the menu?

  2. LInda, this is delightful. I'm so happy you joined in the fun for the Tartan Parade. Mr. Linky will be up at 1AM Sunday. Love that you found some thistles. I need to look some more. LOL I have a set of the RL dinner plates with a tartan rim. Like you, I adore tartan. It isn't just for Christmas. LOL
    Thanks again for participating. ~ Sarah

  3. Linda~ Your centerpiece makes me feel like wearing a kilt and dancing a jig too! Love the thistle, carnations, and picked ribbon in the handsome wooden bowl! Your RL dessert plates are classic and I love adore your thistle-etched tumblers~ what a fun gift to forget to give :)

  4. Linda!

    Your table is stunning!
    Love the wooden vase with the monogrammed crest is it?
    Love the plates and the silverware and crystal glasses.... your runners, the layering and details? Perfection!

    Thanks so much for sharing this and hope you will link it to the Tartan Parade at Sarah's, Babs', Delores' or my blog today!?


  5. Hi Linda, I can definitely see "forgetting" to give those wonderful glasses! Your table is great and not at all Christmasy. The tartan dishes would be perfect for a masculine dinner, and the addition of the thistle to the napkins is very clever. I did my first mosaic ever today for this party too! Now I may be hooked. Wasn't it fun? Linda

  6. Wow! Even thistles! Great tablescape. Good job on the collage too.

  7. Linda, thank you for linking your delightful tablescape for the tartan parade. Looking at those RL plates again, makes me think I need to add a set to my tartan stash. ;-)

  8. Thank you Linda for joining the Tartan Parade. I love those Ralph Lauren plates and how you set the table with them. I love how both lovely, yet masculine it all looks! ~Delores

  9. I love your table with all of the different plaids! I'm sure your hubby would enjoy it too:@)

  10. O, I LOVE how you mixed your plaids...your table looks amazing.
    I didn't have any plaids, save an olden throw, so I just used it for a tailgating party at this parade. :)
    xo bj
    Come see me...I am now a happy follower.:)

  11. I got a giggle from your "forgotten" thistle crystal. I don't blame you, I'd have "forgotten" them too. Your table is so perfect. Love your mix of tartans and especially the ribbon napkin ties with the thistle.Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade and Happy Tartan Day! I'm happy to be a new follower.

  12. I fell in love the minute I saw Ralph's monogram on the dishes....I will now have to hunt all the TJMaxx's and Homegoods in the state of Georgia until I find a also those little salt and peppers...


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