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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Breakfast Table

Since our family had to leave a day early, it will just be Mr. Pressed Pants and me for breakfast on Easter morning.  We'll probably go to sunrise service for church tomorrow, so I'm setting the table today in the breakfast room, and keeping it simple.

I settled on green and white with lavender accents and simple dishes that can all be thrown in the dishwasher as we leave. 

I combined my two favorite Majolica patterns here.  The green bunny plates and bowls are Pinero, from Portugal, and the white wicker-like chargers are also from Portugal, but have no other markings.

This very simple ceramic cube is filled with white and lavender flowers from the yard.  The white azaleas are at the very end of their bloom time.  I added some columbine and some pincushion flowers and trimmed it out with verigated hosta leaves.

Here's an overhead shot.  Please disregard the brown spot on the azalea!  Pretend you don't see that! Ok?

The glassware is from World Market and is just simple lavender glass with clear stems.  They are thin, but not at all precious.

I found these lavender linen napkins from BBJ Linens, and they are great!  They hardly need ironing, and have such body, they feel as if they have been lightly starched.  The little white wooden bunny napkin ring is very old and has seen lots and lots of Easter meals with our family.

This flatware from World Market is about a year old, but you can still buy it there in several colors.

The little butter pat dish is really an oriental sauce dish, also from World Market.  I placed a fresh pansy on top of the butter.  Our pansies are about to be pulled out and thrown away, because they just can't tolerate our hot summers, but bloom for us all winter long.

Hey, Sandra and Jim......we're almost out of this delicious peach jam you gave us for Christmas.  Just saying!

The Southeastern Flower Show has the best stuff at the market place, and that's where I got these salt and pepper shakers.  I'm sad that they didn't hold the show this year.  After volunteering there for many years, it seems like such a shame to miss it.  

I'm ready to celebrate our most Holy Day of Easter.  I'm ready in many ways for the Renewal!

Thank you to our favorite sister-in-law for never forgetting us on any special occassion.

Now!  I'm going to watch the third day of the Masters Golf Tournament.  We were so lucky to attend the first day of competition, and that makes it so special to watch the tv coverage.  I'm rooting for Freddy Couples.  Grey hair rules!

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  1. Such a lovely tablescape for Easter morning. Your bunny plates are adorable and the stems and flatware look so festive. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays.
    Happy Easter.

    The French Hutch

  2. Very pretty table. I too have those little green majolica plates with the bunnies on them. Love to use them this time of year. Also love your chargers, very pretty. ~m

  3. A very pretty and sweet table setting for Easter!! Love those bunny plates!!! hugs...cleo

  4. This is the most delightful setting for Easter morning. I'd love to be sitting at this table. Your green and white with lavender is perfect for Easter. Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

  5. My husband, who has never played a game of golf in his life and his quite possibly the ONLY doctor on the face of the earth who hasn't, has the Masters going on the TV in the family room right now. I catch bits and pieces of it as I walk in and out to the kitchen. You set a beautiful Easter morning table, and I really love the lavender with the pale green. I REALLY like that stemware while, "not at all precious", is still glorious!!! It's just the right color...not too light, not too dark...and the shape is very comely. CUTE touch to put the pansy on the butter pat to dress it up!!! When I saw the bunny dishes in the first photo I thought those were bees and thought they were cute as could be. Of course, closer inspection proved me wrong, and they are still just darling!!! Bees....shows how blind I must be! I used to order rental linens from BBJ, but didn't know you could actually purchase linens from them! I guess I was never looking to do so back then. I'll have to check them out. They have some pretty spectacualar and high quality stuff!!! GREAT table, Linda. I hope you and Mr. Pressed Pants enjoyed a peaceful and loving Easter Sunday. Take care!

  6. Sweet table. Really love that centerpiece. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays this Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Just beautiful, Linda!
    I love all the colors and layers you used. So pretty! Can't ever get enough lavender.



  8. So pretty!! I love those lavender glasses!!! Nancy

  9. There is so much to love about this table that I don't know where to begin. I love the stemware and would love some in that hue. My favorite part of all was the bunny with the jam. That was just too cute!

  10. So pretty, Linda. Love the colors, the stems are lovely!
    Our pansies poop out when it gets hot, but they come back the next Spring. I just plant the annuals around them.
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!


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