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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Magic 2012

I love this photo of our grandsons that I took on Christmas eve morning.  Oh, the joys of an ipod!
I even used this for my Christmas card photo with this caption:

mry crstms n hapy nu yr, luv, 
lnda n lary 

After all, Christmas is the time to spend quality time with those you hold dear, right?

I'm back in Atlanta after 3 weeks in the arms of my wonderful family.  I'm looking forward to resuming blogging and I'm enjoying catching up with all of your lovely posts that I have missed.

It is my wish that you all enjoyed those precious times as much as I did and are looking forward to the new year.


  1. Linda, the image is priceless. Clever idea for your Christmas card.
    Welcome home and Happy New Year..........Sarah

  2. Neena, We MISS YOU!!!!! Come back soon!!!!!

  3. Oh my! I love it Linda! This looks just like my own nephews. Technology has taken over. Glad you're back!!! xo

  4. Linda,
    What fun. Love the jammies! I remember our kids at that age.
    Looking forward to further fun and entertainment from your blog in 2013.


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