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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Best Mom in the World


I owe EVERYTHING to this woman.  My mom.  My mentor, my shining example, my cheerleader, and my true inspiration.  She showed me what a beautiful marriage looked like, how to parent with just the right amount of sternness, and how to love unconditionally.  Her best advise to me when I became a parent was, "no is a complete sentence".  She didn't argue, didn't compromise, and didn't give in to peer pressure.  What she did was love and love and love.  And we ALWAYS  knew her parameters.  She's ninety one now, and we treasure every single day that we have her.  Believe me.....she's the very best God has ever made.


  1. I love that you learned early that "no" is complete sentence! Great life lesson.

  2. And the best Gramma EVER!!!


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