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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Four Friends for the Fourth

How many of you had rain-outs for the Fourth?  The weather teased us all weekend, and as you can see by this photo of our front door, it was gloomy, gloomy, and rainy as I planned for our small dinner party.

But, inside, it was cheerful and fun, especially after our guests arrived.  I had fiddled with dishes, planning the table, but when it came time to set the table indoors, rather than out, I settled on an entirely different look.

I started with this placesetting, and took some of these photos......

then I remembered the star bread and butter plates and added them.  Some of these pictures have them and some do not.  

Here's the table and the fun chandelier decorations. 

I've had these for years and never used them.  I planned on hanging them from the dogwood tree as we dined outdoors, but this was a really easy and fun plan B.

This is a flower arrangement I have used many times.  I wish it had photographed better.  All you need is a container, a piece of oasis, and lots of flowers.  Just trim and poke them in, starting with the rim of the container.  And these carnations will last and last.

I chose this glassware, but I only had four of these vintage red ones, so I used two more blue glasses.

These old blue and white pottery candlesticks are so versatile.  

I love these little individual salt and pepper shakers that have the iconic blue willow pattern.

Our dessert was served on these Old Glory plates.  It was a red, white, and blue ice cream torte, and for some reason, a lot of it ended up on that white tablecloth!  

What's fresher than a crisp red, white, and blue?

Add four good friends and great conversation and you've got an evening of wonderful memories.

I always carry the flowers or decorations into the powder rooms.  Here, I just added a zinc vase of more carnations and some fun hand towels.

Here, I picked a few additional flowers from our cutting garden to bring in all three colors of the holiday.

Well, in this photo, it's dinner time, and the sun is out again.  It was too wet and too late to make a move outside, but the sun was good news, since Mr. Pressed Pants had to grill our shrimp skewers.  I hope every one of you had a good celebration on this very precious holiday.  Happy Birthday, America!

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  1. It looks to me like your "Plan B" Fourth of July celebration was a wonderful success!! I love the lanterns hanging from the chandelier, they look so festive, definitely a clever and colorful addition to your Independence Day decorating. The red, white, and blue table setting is lovely, I love the mix of china patterns, a little bit classical and a little bit nautical..... Perfectly blended for the occasion.

  2. So many beautiful blue & white pieces and I love the star plate! This weekend was so perfect in many ways, even with the rain.

    I loved reading your comments about Columbus! It was such a surprise weekend and I'm now I'm hoping to go down and enjoy the rafting!

  3. Very pretty and I love your blue stemware. Those are gorgeous!

  4. Glad you had a great time despite the rain. Like your idea of using your lanterns to hang from the chandy. I bought some fans to hang this year, then we ended up going to friends rather than hosting here. Oh well, I can add them to my box of patriotic decor. '-)

  5. Your tablescape is so cute! Such a bummer about the rain.

  6. Toile Tale,
    Gorgeous Fourth of July decor from the front door
    to the fabulous chandelier!!!
    I adore your blend of blue and white dinnerware, dear one!!! Somehow, I'm sure that Mr. Pressed Pants grilled shrimp skewers looked quite elegant atop your plates!!!
    Thank you for sharing a fun~filled evening with Four Friends for the Fourth!!!

  7. Wonderful, festive look! Your chandelier is great and I love the door décor as well.

  8. I know what you mean about the crazy weather. I've had a summer full of that already! Back and forth, back and forth.... I enjoyed your table decor collection very much. My favorite things, believe it or not, are your navy and white striped plates. Sharp contrast is always wonderful, and navy and white are so versatile. I hope you had a wonderful fourth meal together. I also hope you're able to remove all those ice cream stains from the table cloth. Yikes!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  9. Wonderful way to celebrate the 4th buy having friends and the front door is so inviting! I love your mix of different patterns in red, white and blue. The best are the old glory plates. have a lovely weekend!


  10. Such a pretty table! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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