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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outside Fall Decorating

Welcome!  I think I've mentioned before that our entertaining starts at the gates.  This is what you'd see from the road if you're coming to see us. 

These mums will have a lot more color when they open a bit more.  I try to buy them at this stage, as they need to last until Thanksgiving.

There's a fork in the driveway about half way to the house.  One side goes to the back and the garage, and the other goes to the front door where it makes a circle.  This little area needs some cornstalks to make it look better.  Good thing I didn't clean out my car yet!  See that poor bit of vine in the grass?  Our pumpkin from last year didn't get removed until it had deposited it's seeds there, so we had a volunteer pumpkin growing.  It was about 8" in diameter at one time, but it disappeared.  Did the deer pick it?

Here's the pathway to the garden. 

This gate has it's own wreath, too.

Here's the front door after a rain.  I'm thinking I need some leaves between the pumpkins.  What do you think? 

I like how the bottom two pumpkins pull out the  colors of the stone. 

That's probably more obvious on this side.

This wreath has been up for a while.  I had a sunflower dinner party and I've just left it there.  Sunflowers are fall enough for me, but I think I'll change out the ribbon.

This is the wreath on the back door into the garage.  It is new this fall and came from Old Time Pottery.  Here's one for Susan's New Year blooper you see the Daddy Long Legs to the left of the wreath???  I missed him until I loaded this photo!

This space beside the outdoor fireplace is a good serving surface, but I usually have a little vignette here.  The statue stays all year around and the fern has been here all summer.  It won't be looking good too much longer.  The iron candle holder is an old European piece that my dear friend almost bought out from under me! 

This little corner of the stonework just begs for it's own decor! 

Just outside the breakfast room window is this little vignette.  Why not enjoy the view even more with some seasonal fluffing?

I'm linking up with The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday blog party.  Go see lots of inspiring posts celebrating fall.  Log on to the link below.


  1. Beautiful entry gate and lovely outdoor decorations all around. I like the wreaths on the gates.
    How do you keep your mums blooming repeatedly? I've just snipped spent blooms off the mums I planted a month ago. I hope they'll put out more blooms. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ~ Sarah

  2. Gorgeous gate and Fall decor!

  3. Everything looks great, you're ready for fall! I love the stacked pumpkins!

  4. Popped over from the Tablescaper to admire your Fall decor, it all looks lovely, especially the new wreath.
    Tres chic!

  5. What a gorgeous setting! I would love an outdoor fireplace *sigh* all your vignettes :-)

  6. Everything looks wonderful! Very inviting. Love that you have all the different little areas "decked out"!

  7. Beautify entry! I love the stacked pumpkins and the pretty vignette near the outdoor fireplace.

  8. It looks lovely! Nope didn't see that spider till you pointed it out!

  9. You know you don't need that id word anymore?? Blogger has a new spam filter . No one has had trouble so far!


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