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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?????

What's wrong with this picture?  It's in Atlanta, that's what!!!!  We're experiencing unbelievable weather.  I couldn't pass up the chance to get these photos.  This is the view from the back of the house down to the lake.  Isn't it something? 

All the statuary was cloaked in snow.

Here's the view from the front of the house looking towards the road between the (dead?) boxwoods.  This is the only clearing we did.

I haven't taken the wreaths down from the garden yet.  I'm glad this one on the gate is still up, because I might use this photo for our Christmas card next year.

Here's the potting shed.

This picture is like an oxymoron come to life!

How cute is this?
Check out the post I did yesterday for
our winter "tablescape" with hot chocolate
and snowballs!


  1. Beautiful snow! We're enjoying it here in E. Tennessee, too. Your potting shed is fantastic -- and the pic is great, too! :-)

  2. We are getting another major snowstorm that just started. Of course we don't live in Atlanta either! Ha! I as shocked at how much snow you guys are getting in the South. I hope you're enjoying it!

  3. Beautiful snow pics!! Love the potting shed!! Just darling!!


  4. Hello my Atlanta buddy, this snow has been shocking...but I so love it.
    There are a few perfect Christmas card pictures here! Your photos are just gorgeous.

  5. What gorgeous pictures! YOu absolutely should use that wonderful snowcovered wreath on the gate for your Christmas card.
    Enjoy the joy of snow!

  6. This is my first time to your beautiful blog so HI!!!! I am in Pa., actually pretty near Yvonne! We got about 5 inches of this beautiful white stuff!!!!! It is so strange to see SNOW in Atlanta!!! Enjoy! XO, Pinky


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