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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brown and Yellow Blanket

Debra at Common Ground is offering a chance to post some old offerings from fall, so I found one of my favorites from last year.  Click here! Hope you enjoy it again!

I'll admit that this tablescape has been percolating in my head for some time. 

Last spring I found this wool blanket in a thrift shop.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it the minute I saw it.

And I knew that brown centered sunflowers would be the only flower that I wanted to use.

I have so much faux bois that I did have to give the container some thought.  I ended up using these vases from Michael's.  They are two different heights and only take up a little room on this small table.

 These chargers are actually pottery saucers from Pottery Barn that I got 75% off several years ago.  I love using them, but boy, are they heavy!  They also make great serving platters at a casual cocktail party. 

The dinner plate is from a set I bought at Goodwill.  I can't decide if they are supposed to be cabbages or lemons.  This yellow is so strong, not like the soft yellow you usually see in majolica reproductions.

These salad plates are Kashmir Leopard from Gibson. They are from Old Time Pottery.  I did one of my favorite fall tables with these dishes last year.  You can see it here. 

Another small yellow plate just to separate the colors.

Last year, Michael's had these cute pine cone bowls.  Why did I just buy four???????

Here's how it stacked up.

My old faithful wooden handled flatware is so versatile that it gets used constantly.  It shows up nicely on this plaid blanket.

I don't usually double napkins, because I find that lots of guests are confused about what to do with two napkins.  I don't like to make guests uncomfortable, especially at such a very casual meal.  BUT, I tried the brown then the yellow than the brown then the yellow and then I gave in and used them both.  The napkin rings are plastic, tortoise patterned squares.  They came from Boxwoods in Atlanta.

I can't remember where I got these yellow plastic tumblers.  I remember when I bought them that I was thinking about this exact blanket and the strong yellow I needed, but I just can't remember where I was at the time.

These are hanging out on our breakfast table most all of the time.  Boxwoods again!

I'm loving how the sunshine is hitting the table and magnifying the sunny yellow colors.

This casserole will hold the beef stew.  I must remember to get it out of the freezer!

I brought the wooden Windsor backed chairs out from the breakfast room.  They just warmed up the look so much better than the outdoor dining chairs. 

So, here's the place setting......

and here's the whole table. 

I grabbed a yellow throw at the last minute.  We've so suddenly had chilly weather!  It feels sooooo good.  We'll be back into the 80's this week, but for now, I'm enjoying this crisp, fall weather.

I'll enjoy these sunflowers all week.  They are such a versatile flower.  They can so aptly say "summer" and then equally appropriately say "fall".  Love 'em!

This table turned out exactly the way I envisioned it would.  I love it when that happens!

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  1. Love the brown and yellow tartan, beautiful. This table is among my all time favorites...just gorgeous! The pine cone bowls are really neat.

  2. really like your table, colors and pieces~

  3. Just came over from Kim's and am so glad! Love this table, the blanket is PERFECT, especially for Fall! Love all the colors and those bowls are fabulous!!! XO, Pinky

  4. What a pretty cozy outdoor setting! Half the fun of tablescaping is the process from idea to completion. I love your "thinking outside the box" chargers, too.

    Robin Flies South

  5. This is great! I love those pine cone bowls! I wonder if they will have them this year.
    I love that you saw the cloth and you knew what you would do with it. It all came together beautifully, perfect with the sunflowers!
    The casserole is just gorgeous!

  6. Oh, yeah...I'm going to have to take you out in the alley and rough you up a little bit. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!! Girl, that BLANKET is the diggity bomb! (I just got off the phone with my young cousin. My vocabulary magically changes to an urban vernacular for about an hour or so each time I talk to her!) Seriously, that blanket is a perfect table covering for fall and winter tables....with so many possibilities! You are ROCKIN' it!!! The sunflowers are PERFECT with the whole vignette. The brightness of the petals along with the rich brown center...FABulous!!! (In my best Carson Kressley voice who, by the way, is a terrible dancer on DWTS but I love his vitality and the sincere effort he puts in.) All of the dishes are gorgeous. And yes...WHY did you just buy 4 of those pine cone bowls??? They are so neat!!! You can use them fall and winter on so many table settings!!! Shame on you! Off to the corner with no soup for you! (In my best Soup Nazi voice. I'm doing a lot of virtual impressions this morning!) Perfect pairing of the 2 napkins. I find that most ladies know to put one napkin on the lap and use the other for the lips, but the guys get all discomboblulated and start sweating and speaking in I usually reserved that option for ladies only affairs! :-) Excellent call on the "chargers." They are fantastic here!!! You really got down with your bad self and went all the way to Funky Town with this table. (Wait...Whoa!!! Where'd THAT come from?!??!?!!) Have a great day, Linda!

  7. What a fun tablescape! I love that it all started with the thrift shop find. You pulled together some lovely pieces to mix with the cloth, and the sunflowers are perfect.

  8. That plaid is beautiful and a perfect backdrop for your tablescape! This definitely feels like fall, no matter what the temperature is outside!!!

  9. I love your tablescape! Brown & Yellow look so nice togther and I love the fact that you used a blanket for your tablecloth. I really like the acorn bowls too, those are soooo cute!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. I always find it interesting to hear what part of the tablescape was the inspiration. Your layering is SO pretty. If this is the way you pictured it in your head, you have a very creative mind! LOVE the flowers and the other spots of yellow!

  11. Looks wonderful! Perfect for fall. Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  12. Love your tablescape. I have been searching for the brown pinecone bowls for years and can't find them anywhere. You set a very welcoming table!

  13. Love your tablescape. I have been searching for the brown pinecone bowls for years and can't find them anywhere. You set a very welcoming table!


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