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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Raise A Glass!

A few days ago, I posted "Bravo To Heinz".  You can read it here.  It was to thank them for being such a visible supporter of our veterans.  One of my great friends who is a big muckedy-muck at MillerCoors emailed me that Miller High Life is doing something even better!  They donate a dime for every Miller High Life bottle cap or pull tab turned in at stores to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran's Association ( ).They donated $1 Million last year and 2012 will be their third year of doing this.  Their slogan is "Getting Vets a Piece of the High Life"!!!!  Warms my heart!  Let's all raise a glass to Miller High Life and their support of this great cause!  I'll go first!!!!!

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