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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Asiatic Pheasant

Mom is visiting and she is very much a blue and white girl.  We had a lazy morning planned together, so I set the breakfast table with a tablescape I thought she would love.  I used a common, but beautiful china pattern called Asiatic Pheasant.

I've had these old blue and white linens for a long time.  I wish they could tell me about some of the dinners that they have "seen".  Someone loved them very much, as they are in beautiful shape.

Here's the design on the table square before I set it with dishes.  The embroidery is simply breathtaking.

Just two for a lovely morning!

Here are the details on the pattern name and stamp.

I set the Asiatic Pheasant on a white scalloped plate from Z Gallerie, and used some of my mis-matched silver plate flatware.

I used this pearl handled knife.  I never use it if the food is not very easy to cut, as I'm fearful that the handle will come off.  That has happened to some similar serving pieces that I own.

These individual salt and pepper shakers seemed to be perfect for the morning.

Whole Foods had these very soft blue hydrangeas that were perfect to go with the linen cloth.

This held lingonberry jam for Mom and lemon curd for me.  I used cream soup spoons for the jam.

I love a French butter keeper and this bright white one is very adaptable to many tablescapes.

Someone gave me this blue and white wine coaster.

I use it here to hold a porcelain topped water bottle.

The cobalt blue juice glass was the only strong shot of strong color. 
I love spoiling my mom a bit!

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  1. Blue and white is one of my very favorites for a table too, and this one is really lovely. Your linens are just beautiful, and I love that you had that one pop of the cobalt to go with the softer blues.

  2. I adore blue and white and you've made a perfect table! Asiatic Pheasant is a favorite pattern and I love your linens!

  3. Lovely lovely lovely.. The linens are absolutely exquisite. Love your blue and white too. A wonderful way to start the day perfectly.. xo marlis

  4. I agree with Marlis! Your table is so lovely! ~Delores

  5. What a lovely setting...I'm sure she loved it. Your linens caught my eye immediately--and because I am addicted to beautiful old linens I can tell you know how to iron! Those napkins especially are gorgeous! I'll be following you as soon as I send ths comment off! I invite you to my "nest." ~Zuni

  6. We live well with blue in our house, too. I love your tablescape, and the tablecloth is a jewel. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  7. Beautiful blue & white~ a favorite color combination of my mother's too! Your linens are so dear~ it would be interesting to hear the stories that had to tell! Enjoy your visit with your Mom :)

  8. Your table is lovely. I am also a huge fan of blue and white, and mismatched silver!

  9. Every element of this table speaks to me! The vintage linens are exquisite, and I'm glad to see you are actually using them. I have a few from my grandmother but rarely take the time to iron and use them. Vintage linens, blue and white, hydrangeas -- be still, my heart! I know your mother loved this!

  10. I bet Gigi loved it! I am so glad you are spoiling her because she deserves it. No colors could be more perfect for her. Enjoy your time together, AL!

  11. What an incredibly sweet table, Linda! Your Mom was impressed with it, no doubt! I think Moms really enjoy that kind of pampering when they come to visit! The blue & white is the perfect pick-me-up color combination for this time of year. I think we are all so put out with winter already!!! LOVE the Z Gallerie charegers! "St. Helena" pattern, I presume? I have them in the putty color, although I've never used them...yet! Great flowers!!! It has been awhile since I've been to Whole Foods. There are a couple of them not too far from here and one of my former students who is now a good buddy is a manager of one of them, but I just never have taken the time to check them out. The last time I went was when I was looking for rice bread for my gluten-free aunt. I didn't even know they had flowers! I'll have to get back there soon! Beautiful always!

  12. Stunning table...your dishes are beautiful and I love your linens! I'm sure your mom loved breakfast!

  13. What a wonderful treat for your Mother. I would have loved to be treated like that. I had two boys!

  14. This is just spectacular. As I'm sure you know, I so love blue and white so I love every bit of this table, including the gorgeous napkins. Enjoy your visit with your Mom (the blue and white girl). Lovely to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. I love blue and white. It is so clean and calming! What a lovely setting to treat your Mom!

  16. I love setting up blue and white table as well... this is so pretty! Loved all your blue and white collection and the table linen is so exquisite! Lovely way to pamper mom, enjoy your visit!~Poppy

  17. I'm a big fan of blue/white, so of course, I have to like this table. what gorgeous linens! :-)


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