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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage Pinecones

Last summer, I bought these vintage pine cone dishes at a garage sale.  If you have read my blog at all, you've seen pine cones appear again and again.  My very favorite pine cone post is here.  This dinner party was much, much more casual and I put it together in a snap.  We had out of town guests and there was no time to fuss.

Here's a close up of the pattern.  It's very graphic and simple.

This is all it has stamped on the back.  I'm guessing that it was made in the 50's.  The serving pieces and cups, which I forgot to photograph, have that space ship feeling which was so popular then.

Here's the way the table came together.  I used a dupioni silk runner from the floral wholesaler.  This runner is so much wider than the ones you see in tabletop stores.  Then I added these quilted placemats from France.  These are actually used on the reverse side.  I'll admit that I added the placemats to protect the runner!  We were having jambalaya and I knew it had the potential to be messy.  And it a certain person's place.

This huge pottery bowl of pine cones usually sits on the coffee table in our second floor tv room.  I about gave myself a hernia carrying it down here and back and then didn't use it.  More on that later.

These handsome candlesticks are back for another dinner!

As are the rattan wine coaster and faux bois s/p shakers.

And you've seen this flatware very frequently.  I never realize how often I use some of my stuff until I post about it!  But it is funny how my favs have changed through the years.

These pine cone embroidered napkins didn't photograph very true to color.  They are really a better match to the runner than they appear.

These pine cone etched wine glasses have been another frequent visitor to the table this year.  I promise that I'm about done with fall/winter tables!

I decided to use these amber glass salad plates for salad.

These pine cone plates have such great texture.  They came from Target last Christmas.  They held our Banana's Foster for dessert.  Wow!  Was this ever a big hit!  And sooooo easy.  I'm putting this recipe on the top of the dessert file, for sure.

Here's a close up.  This was taken before we ate, but I swear the plates were almost this clean after everyone finished their dessert.

Here's the centerpiece I ended up using.  I actually liked the big pottery bowl better, but I remembered that our guests gave us this for Christmas several years ago.  I thought it would reinforce how much I like it if they saw it on the table during dinner.  It usually sits on a chest in front of the sofa in our terrace level family room.  Boy, does it ever look pretty at Christmas time when I fill it half way up with fresh cranberries.  I was going to cover the bottom with some natural colored rock, but I never circled back to do so.  Oh well.....the fellowship of the dinner is the most important, as Sandy at The Reluctant Entertainer tells us so well.  And that was just great!

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  1. What great pine cone-themed pieces you've collected! That runner is the perfect backdrop for all the lovely greens and browns. I know exactly what you mean about protecting the runner from a certain diner! I do the same thing. Sorry you had to lug that bowl of pine cones before opting for the candleholder! Both looked great, I thought!

  2. Good morning, sunshine! Wow....totally marveling at the width of that table runner. My sister has offered to make me some, and I need to tell her that this is just about right for my needs! The ones they sell in a lot of stores are both too narrow and too short for me. I like for the runner to extend off the ends of the table about 6 or 7 inches. Cool plates! I'm trying to picture the cups and saucers' "spaceship feeling." :-) Very sweet & thoughtful of you - especially after lugging the heavy piece in - to switch out the centerpiece to honor your guests. I'm sure they appreciated it! I love decorating with pine cones, too. They just present so many possibilities! I usually have athem around the house from September - February or so, and each year I try to think of some new way to display them. Beautiful table, Miss Linda! Have a beautiful day! :-)

  3. YOu just remended me that I ahve some pine cone plates that I ahven't used yet! I will have to do a table today!!! Your table is beautiful, that runner is TDF!!!! I can't believe how wide it is! The colors are perfect too. Loved both centerpieces but it was very nice of you to use the one your guests gave you. I can picture it with the cranberries. XO, Pinky

  4. These are so beautiful! My grandmother had these for years. She called them her winter dishes. She said she purchased them in the 50's when my mom was a baby so you are spot on with their age. They have found a perfect home!!!!!

  5. I love your table. The light place mats look great on the darker wide runner. I love pinecones too! Your dishes are gorgeous and the embroidery on the napkins is beautiful!!!

  6. Great table...pine cones are a favorite here, too. I like the colors in the tablerunner, napkins are a great match.

  7. Lovely table for this time of year. Love the vintage dishes. The bananas foster sounds delish!

  8. I have nothing pineconey, but your posting makes me desire pinecone dishes. I love the vintage ones as well as the Target embossed ones. I think I have seen these and they are beautiful. Joni

  9. I love this. I saw these same pinecone plates in antique store in TX and just loved them then and I love the way you used them. I also love the Target plates, they do have great texture. Those candlesticks are to die for. Great job. Dianne

  10. Linda~ I love your pine cone table! Your goblets are wonderful and I love the delicate soft colors in the embroidery on your napkins! Your silk runner is perfect~ I'd love to have drapery panels in that beautiful plaid!

  11. Wow..this is wonderful! Very wintery but warm! Your runner is beautiful and placemats make sense. Plus they are a nice contrast! Very pretty!

  12. That may be the best looking runner I've ever seen...I like that it's wide enough...that not the case usually. The pine cone motif is perfect for a winter table. Job well done! Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  13. I sure enjoyed you tablescape this week. My mother had these dishes and I have been thinking about them a lot since seeing so many pine cones at Christmas time.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny hop Party!


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