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Monday, February 6, 2012

Master Bathroom Before and After

I'm tweaking this post to add to The Pink Pagoda's Blue and White Bash.  If you are looking for a wonderful blue and white fix, follow Jennifer for some real happiness.

Here's my entry: 
It's our Master Bathroom Before and After.  Mr. Pressed Pants and I have had a blue and white bedroom in all 13 houses we have lived in, and ever since we've been able to afford one, our master bathroom has always been blue and white as well.

Won't you come in?

I know!  Late last fall, I promised the master bath remodel post was next, but there was Christmas, then there were house guests, and life kept happening.  So, if you're still interested, here's what our master bath looked like when we bought it.  This is the view from the master bedroom.  It was blah, blah, blah with a "garden tub" that took up most of the real estate in the room.  You can just see it in the corner.  I like to call these porn star tubs, because who else would need all of those steps, shelves for buckets of champagne and "toys"?  Since we are not tub people and there are three other tubs in the house plus a hot tub, it was not a big decision to sacrifice the tub for a far better layout.  See this long double sink vanity?  Well, the person standing closest to the door got hit with it every time the door opened, plus I hated the lighting, the mirrors, the floors, and every finish in the entire place.  "GUT IT", we declared!

We were able to do this with only a little rerouting of the water lines for the sinks and no change in the toilet or shower area or window placement.  Those are always a money savers and I'm all for that!  We spend a lot of time and money reworking the lighting and the outlets.....stuff you can't see and admire, but make it soooo much better.

The shower was not luxurious by any measure, but good enough for us.  It's large enough, has a seat, and an awesome shower head.  It stayed!

Oh, my.  Were you ever less inspired?

Here's the view from the bathroom into the master bedroom.  You can see a post about that remodel here.

Here's what that long vanity became.  This is Mr. Pressed Pant's domain.  These cupboards came from France and we waited and waited for them.  I don't think I've ever had anything come into the country that I haven't had customs problems with.  As a designer, I make sure that any client who wants to order from out of the country understands the implications.  I'm glad we did, as I love them so much.  We were able to totally custom the room and I think we got them just right.

Here's the dresser for the sink base that we chose for him.  We just had room for the sink and two chimney cupboards between the door and the window.

It seems so luxurious to have a chair in here.  This one came from an estate sale several years ago.

I chose to use two different styles of mirrors.  This one is the more masculine style.  

The faucets are unlacquared natural brass and came from France, as well.  

And the top is crema marble.

I love the detail on the mirror.  It was actually an old picture frame that I ran across and I put mirrored glass with a bevel into it.

I'm still thrilled with the sconces we chose.  They are natural brass, single arm from Circa Lighting with a cream linen shade.  Disregard the caution sticker that you can see!  A normal size person doesn't see it from this angle!

Fortunately, we were able to order the chimney cupboards to open right and left.  They are perfect for towels and paper supplies, cleaning products, etc.  The window is treated with a wooden blind from Smith and Noble and a simple Roman shade.  I have a slight regret that I didn't choose a darker wood for the shades.

The hardware is awesome.  Check out the hinges,...

and the escutcheons with the knobs, also in natural brass.

I chose towel rings for our hand towels. Believe me, I took a really deep breath before I drilled to put this one on the side of the chimney cupboard. The Enchanted Home did a very interesting post on towel bars vs rings vs hooks vs rolling.  I've done a little of everything in our house.

This is my end of the room where the tub was.  Isn't this a better use of this space?  I used a triple dresser for my sink base.  It's so hard to see in this photo.

This is better.  Can a woman have too many drawers makeup draweres?

My mirror is also a French find from 14th Street Antiques in Atlanta.  I love the feminine details here.

Love this!  This was the last piece I found for the room.  Notice how much lower my mirror and my sconces are hung than Mr. Pressed Pant's?  There is more than a foot difference in our height, so we could address this as we went along.  This is the luxury of remodeling just for YOU.  All of these details can be addressed, but you must be on top of things and work very closely with your contractor.  I acted as the general contractor and met with them every morning.  We addressed the scope of the work for the day and any details that pertained to it. 

In order to have more light, and because I had more room on either side of my mirror, I went with a double sconce in the same style from Circa Lighting.

Some dried hydrangeas in a zinc bowl give me a bit of softness and join an oriental pot for brushes and a little glass holder with a squirrel on it for Q-tips.

The other side has the necessary magnifying mirror and my favorite verbena scented soap from L'Occitane.

Under the oil rubbed bronze clock, we wall mounted a small tv.  How classy is it that I snapped just when the toilet paper commercial was on?  Oh, boy!  I never cease to embarrass myself!

I love the porcelain tile floor.  Here's another place where communicating with your craftsmen is so important.  I used 4x4 squares to border the room, and 2x4s set on the diagonal for the field.  This is such an improvement over the shiny green mini squares!

This Brunswig and Fils paper is one I've wanted to use for years.  It may seem odd to have squirrels in the bathroom, but I love them, especially with the soft metalic gold acorns.  The blue is a perfect match to the blue of the master bedroom.  

Nothing terribly exciting here.  I ran the same floor in and elected to paint the same as the bedroom instead of papering this intimate space.

This beautiful engraving is entitled "Marguarite".

Simple details here.  Oil rubbed bronze accessories and a willow tissue holder. I just can't get into the idea of the top of the toilet tank as a place for a "vignette".  Expel me from blogdom, if you like! 

Now......if you think I'm going to show you what's behind this door, you're crazy.  Our closet is neat as a pin, and makes the very best use of the space possible, but it is just NOT blog-worthy!  I'll just let you imagine that my side is filled with size 0 designer clothes from Chanel and lots of Jimmy Choos!

Plea for wisdom:
I've recently switched to Google Chrome and I'm learning to navigate a new format for editing my posts.  If this one seemed sort of rambling, it's because I couldn't change the order of the photos once they were loaded.  (like that chair that pops up out of nowhere).  Before, I could just copy, paste and remove to change the order, but that isn't working here.  Can someone give me a little hint about how to do this?  It can't be hard!

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  1. This is beautiful!! Love the flooring and cabinetry that you have used.

  2. I love your bathroom!! The floor is amazing. Love the way you laid the tile pattern. We have thought about taking out our gigantic tub in our master bath, but I keep turning into a great big chicken! Those Chimney cupboards are so beautiful. Well worth the wait.

    As for the adding photos, I think I have found once I upload photos for a post, they are outlined in blue. If you click on the photo, the blue box disappears. Click on the photos again, in the order you want them to show up on your post. So if the photos are on the screen 1, 2, 3, 4, but you want them to post as 4, 2, 3, 1...then click to highlight photo number 4 first and continue clicking in the order you want. Then click the add button on the lower right to place them on your page to add the text for your post. I hope that makes sense...I'm not good at trying to explain things...and I'm even worse at giving driving directions! Hope that helps.
    Have a great week!

  3. Stunning. Every detail is gorgeous. Beautiful remodel. Hugs, marty

  4. Linda, your bath is gorgeous! I love how your vanity looks like furniture...beautiful! lol about the commercial...such great timing. Are you sure you didn't plan that? :)

  5. Gorgeous bathroom with wonderful details. In my dreams I would replace our mirrors, lighting and giant tub, but that isn't happening so we just fix up what we have. I love your furniture pieces and the sconces.

  6. What a transformation!!! I especially love the floor and the wallpaper.

  7. Gorgeous bathroom! Love the wall paper.
    I'm your newest follower, Mary Alice

  8. BeaUtiful room! Love the flooring!
    I found that wallpaper in a ReStore--donations from a store cleaning house--but I didn't know who the maker was. I really love it and am looking for the right project to use the.1.roll. It looks soooo fun for your bathroom!

  9. Gorgeous! Love the cabinets and all the beautiful details. Thanks for joining the Open House party. Hugs, Sherry

  10. How absolutely beautiful!!! What an incredible transformation and the choices you made are just gorgeous. The details are so perfect and we are so glad you shared this at Inspiration Friday this week!

  11. Really gorgeous!! I love the natural wood cabinetry from France and the fixtures. Well I really like all of the finishes. This color scheme is one of my favorite! Such a pretty bath! I will feature it today at this week's Home Sweet Home party.
    Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  12. So many wonderful details to focus one's attention....the unlacquered natural brass fittings, the long every-so-French piano hinges and elegant hardware, Brunswig & Fils (one of my favorites), gilded French mirror, antique engraving and of course, the authentic French cabinetry. We must be kindred spirits. This is my style exactly. I love to go antiquing when I'm in Atlanta especially Foxglove Antiques at Miami Circle. I'm a follower and would love a visit from you if you get a chance!

  13. Another example of your exquisite taste! Love the furniture, the lighting, the mirrors, the faucets... I wish I would have seen your bathroom a few years ago. I wanted our side entry/mudroom floor to look like an old French brick floor, and your tile would have been perfect! Clearly, I need to be consulting you on my future design dilemmas. Do you offer a "sister" discount?! :)

  14. How did I miss this post!
    OMG.... simply stunning. I have always LOVED that squirrel wallpaper and every detail you have incorporated is just

    So happy I found this tonight!
    A feast for the eyes in every way.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the wallpaper and the mirror over your vanity is fabulous!

    You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower!

  16. A little late here, but LOVE the flooring and was wondering if you have the tile information (name, etc.)

  17. I was curious about the details on the tile.... name manufacturer etc... thanks

    1. I would also like the details of the tile. I'm building a home, and I'd LOVE to use that tile. Please respond and make me happy for years to come!

  18. Hi! Doing a kitchen reno and am really looking for a floor tile that looks like brick. Do you mind sharing the brand/type/color of this floor and where you purchased it?


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