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Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Has A Jack Russell?

Yesterday, while shopping for accessories for a client, I ran across this darling needlepoint pillow at Boxwoods, my favorite store in Atlanta.  I love pillows with this lumbar shape, as it allows the chair to show more or looks so good in the center of a sofa.  But, I am a particular sucker for dogs in design.  If you have a Jack Russell terrier, you must be lusting for this pillow by now.  It was a bit pricey at $190, but doggy love makes us buy things we might think were a little excessive, doesn't it? 

Just look at this little guy!

THEN look at what was in the next chair....the rabbit that the Jack is chasing!!!!  It's a co-ordinating pillow of the same size and colorations and just makes it the most charming set.
Leave me a comment if you want information on purchasing these from Boxwoods.
Don't you think you might want these for Valentine's Day?


  1. Those are adorable pillows, but if I spent that kind of money on a pillow I'd be in the doghouse ;)

  2. Adorable, and I'm one for pillows. Rather expensive, but as one who needlepoints I can say it would cost more to buy the canvas, threads, and then have it finished into a pillow. And that doesn't even take into consideration the hours of stitching time. ~ Sarah


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