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Friday, June 1, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

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Dear Queen Elizabeth!  She really knows how to remain regal, doesn't she?  The world will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this week and I found that I could take a small part in the party!

A few weeks ago, I had lunch for a small group of friends who call themselves the Distinguished Divas.  We met volunteering for several arts organizations and have become fast friends.  Since we have each been honored at one time or another by Atlanta Ballet, we chose this silly name to "brand" ourselves.

It wasn't until I was sorting through some photos of this luncheon that it dawned on me that it was a "Queenly" post and because I chose a glitzy, diamond(like) theme that I could pretend that I was posting for the Diamond Jubilee!  As you see here, even the centerpiece was arranged in a crown like container.

The white caterer's linen tablecloth was the basis and then I ran this rhinestone ribbon down the middle.

The flowers were going to be all white hydrangeas, but I didn't have quite enough, so I added these soft pink alstromeria.  Did I spell that right?

Then, to bring the pink into the table again, I used these scalloped linen napkins and pretended that these tiny dolly tiaras were napkin rings.  I just took the little comb out.

My mis-matched silverplate and mother-of-pearl handled knives fit the bill for flatware.  The dishes are Lenox with a very simple platinum band.  I usually go for much more color, but I was letting the flowers along the terrace be the color.

Waterford's Lismore pattered crystal stemware seemed just right.  (It's Irish and Queen Elizabeth reigns over Ireland, doesn't she?)

This is how each place setting ended up.

And here's the whole table.

The rest of the girls brought salad, entree, and sides, but I was in charge of the dessert.  To keep the Diva theme going, I put red velvet cupcakes in these little ceramic crowns that I got at Michael's last year.  I think they are meant to be candle holders.

 I made the plate a little more interesting with a couple of lamb's ear leaves and a pink bloom.  (I'm not going to try to spell that flower again!)

Aren't they cute?

Even Queen Elizabeth would love these homemade cupcake picks I came up with.  These crowns are actually made of white felt and have some clear glass glitter on them.  I stuck them in a toothpick and thought they ended the meal with a royal flourish. 


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  1. I'm loving those crown dish/candleholders!!

  2. I loved seeing this! I plan to share a Jubilee post early next week. A friend from the Uk knew I planned to set a celebration tea for the occasion, and she sent me a surprise package of Jubilee goodies that arrived yesterday. Now I need to get busy and plan a tea party. ;-)
    Love the crown idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Long Live the Queen~ Sarah

  3. How fabulous! I love your idea for using the tiaras for napkin rings and those crowns for cupcake holders. Everything is perfect!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  4. That dang queen is a hoot. And look at her giving you such great inspiration. You have gone from Indy flags to crowns very impressed

  5. The tables look divine for your divas. I love the little ceramic crowns that hold the cupcakes. So pretty and fun.


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