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Monday, June 25, 2012

Asian Aubergine


I've been sitting on this beautiful piece of fabric for a couple of weeks.  I wasn't sure how I was going to use it, but I thought it was stunning.

And the best part was the price. My friend, Amy Barfield,(who is so talented and fabulous that you could almost hate her), told me about a small fabric outlet that has designer fabrics.  Designer fabrics?????????  Can you say Scalamandre?  Holy smokes!  Hold onto you was less than five dollars per yard.  I scooped it up and ran for the hills. (I was afraid they would change their mind.)

Then, the other day, I was at T.J. Maxx and I found this perfect piece to go with it.  I had planned to use my white orchids and some river rocks, but I wasn't too excited about that, and I was still thinking about it, so when I found this, I knew I could make it into a centerpiece.

So I did!

Kroger had these lovely white dahlias with just a touch of lavender on the edges, and I filled in a bit with white alstroemeria that had lavender stripes and spots on them.  The other material was a neighborhood "donation".  I cut the bamboo from my next door neighbor's without even asking him.  It's bamboo, people!  It grows and spreads faster than kudzu!  Anyhow, he loves me and would give me anything!  And our nearby nursery has a large area of reeds which they said they were happy to share with me.  I offered to buy some, but they told me to just go snip!  Thanks, Autumn Hill!

Simple and serene.

I first tried to use a purple toile plate that I recently found at Target.  I did a post about it here.  But it was WAY too busy, so I tried these taupe scalloped plates from ZGallerie.  They almost matched the browny-lavender color in the fabric.

Here's how they looked.

I needed a light colored flatware, so this cream cutlery worked fine.

These light lavender napkins worked, too, and I tucked some reeds and bamboo into the corner of the fold.

Glassware needed to be simple, too.  I used a light purple stem and a stemless Riedel wine.

Can you tell it has a light purple hue?

Here's a placesetting.

I brightened the table up a bit when I added these carved soapstone votives with a definite Chinoiserie vibe. These were on clearance at Yankee Candle last week.  I was lucky to find them, because I rarely go into the store.  I just can't stand the smell.  I know it's  lovely to some, but my senses are always screaming, "Let's get out of here!".  Fortunately, they had them displayed just inside the door, and I saw them from the mall.  They were meant to be used with oil, but I took that part out, and used a small candle.

Here's the result!

Fabulous as the fabric is, this little lady makes the table.

Even the back is pretty nice.

You probably think I'm cooking Japanese food or serving sushi tonight!  Nope!  

Is it wrong that we're having hamburgers, potato salad, and baked beans?

Is our feng shui good?

Here's a photo that shows the details better.

Wishing you serenity, peace, balanced energy and good fortune.


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  1. I love purples and that fabric is gorgeous! What a beautiful tablescape - no doubt with some good feng shui!

  2. What a find. I love the fabric. Your table looks great, the glasses are beautiful. I have the same flatware you show here, it is so versatile and looks a little antique, which I really like.

    Great tablescape.

  3. What lovely fabric.. I love the bucolic scenes on it. The color is fabulous too. Great find on the figurine.. totally. I love your glasses with the hint of purple.. so pretty. Your whole table, especially the artistic centerpiece, is just lovely.. be blessed, xo marlis

  4. It is never wrong to serve hamburgers, potato salad and baked beans!

    Your Scalamandre table just ups the class factor!

    Now, I need to know: where is this outlet!?

  5. Wow, that fabric is fabulous! And what a lovely table it inspired! Great idea, using the bamboo from your neighbor. I had to giggle about your menu for this lovely Asian table!

  6. I love this so much that I just might have to almost hate YOU!!!!!!!!! :-) Wow, pretty! From the second I laid eyes on the fabric I was in love totally and completely. It's so different, and you know how I love different! The purple lady is perfect with it, and you did a fantastic job with the flowers and bamboo embellishment! How on earth to you cut the bamboo sticks? I've heard they are nearly impossible to but through! It's cool that you have bamboo so close by. Nothing like that around these parts! All we have is acres and acres and acres of corn! :-)

  7. That fabric is exquisite! What luck to find the perfect centerpiece! Such a lovely table!!!

  8. I am feeling good karma! Oh, wait , that is the wrong cpuntry, wrong vibe! :)
    The table is lovely, so different. Your instincts on the dishes was spot on, they look fabulous!
    Yes, I can see the pale purple in the glass, so pretty!
    Thanks so much for linking this to Let's Dish! Very oooommmm!

  9. Neat table, so different. Amazing fabric.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Just the right balance for an Asian inspired table. I adore scored an amazing get on the Scalamandre. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  11. Lovely! The fabric was a nice springboard for this beautiful able. I like the soft colors.

  12. I like the purple in the fabric. Don't you just love it when a table comes together like that? Very nice and you had my favorite for dinner.

  13. I am happy to see more and more using purples...very lovely table, Linda. The stemware is especially pretty.

  14. I think this table is so pretty! That fabric is amazing and then finding that lady for the centerpiece couldn't have been more perfect. Excellent job!

  15. What a truly lovely table. The fabric was an amazing find and the lady is beautiful standing over the rest of the table.


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