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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rockcastle River Trading Company

Remember him???????
This is Jon Carloftis.  I featured him in a post I did about his presentation at ADAC.  You can read it here.

He talked about his several businesses, including the Rockcastle River Trading Company in Livingston, Kentucky.  Since I was traveling south on I-75, I was going to be just a very few miles from it, so I took a short detour and dropped in to see it.

It was filled with a beautiful array of antiques, home furnishings, gardening products and lots of great books.  I took care of several people on my Christmas list while I was there.  

And when I met the proprietress, I knew where Jon got his charm and good looks!  Jon's mother, Lucille, tends the shop with such Southern charm and grace, you'll feel that you've know her forever.  Honestly, she is one special lady. 

And here's the welcoming committee!  There's nothing like a sweet dog to make a customer want to spend the day!  When Lucille offered me the chance to walk the entire property, he was by my side the whole time. 

This beautiful allee leads you from the parking area to the shop.

And there are enough tables and chairs around the property to seat a very large party.

These boxwood hedges surround the Colonial-style vegetable garden.  This weathervane marks the axis of the gravel paths.  Don't you love these large wooden tuteurs? I forgot to get a  photo of the espaliered apple trees on the edges. It was clearly a labor of love.

How about this blacksmith shop next to the garden?  These galvanized tubs hang on the wall among the ivy.

Stepping out the back door of the shop, you'll see this beautiful square koi pond, with a lovely, inviting path that leads you down to the river.

Along the way, you'll pass this old pick-up truck.......

pulled into the yard in front of a post office building from 1916, built by Lucille's great uncle.

At the end of the path is a stone retaining wall and railing overlooking the Rockcastle River.  

This 50-acre property sits in the Daniel Boone National Forest and has been the family homestead for many years.  Jon grew up here with five brothers and sisters.

And you can't miss this Stonehenge-like seats surrounding a firepit.  I feel like the fireflies might dance here with the racoons!

This is the carriage house that leads to Lucille's home.  It is fronted with six pots of white mandavilla and filled with some very special vehicles.

Here's one!

As you step into the carriage house, you see these two giant horses.  I don't remember what they are made of, and I meant to step back into the shop and ask Lucille what they were, but I forgot.

Going out the back, you cross this bridge that leads you to......

Lucille's red clapboard house!  

Jon misses no opportunity to plant.  This parterre graces the front yard on one side,.....

and the other side hosts this charming sitting area among the boxwoods.

Check out the mossy roof.  You just can't make these things happen.  It's Mother Nature's artistry.

And back in the parking area is another vehicle with panache.

To the left of the store, is this sitting area.  I feel that Tribal counsels are probably held here.  Or fun cocktails!

Then the sweet lab took me down this stone pathway.

Past this little building.  Office?  Art studio?

He wanted to be sure I didn't miss this two-story aviary.  In it are guineas, bantam roosters, and a beautiful, regal peacock.

See him?

He is reproduced on their logo for the shopping bags.

Then, as I left, much later than I intended, I pulled back into real life and headed for the interstate.  I was a wee bit disappointed to learn that I had just missed seeing Jon.  What fun it would have been to have him join the tour of the land.  Is that stalkerish?


  1. what a fun little jaunt you gave us!

  2. What an amazing place. They've done such a beautiful job with every area of the land. Thank you for the tour, the store looked like it had some wonderful treasures.

  3. Linda,
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about the Chihuly exhibit. I love that you get to see a piece of his up close during your board meetings. It is truly something that pictures can not adequately convey.

    What a treasure of an afternoon you had! I'm impressed that you went out of your way...and were duly rewarded!! What a darling shop and the grounds are storybook!

    xo Elizabeth

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