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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stags in the Courtyard

My favorite tables that I have set have almost all been fall designs, and this one is no exception.   

I have never used this courtyard on the side of the house for dining, but today I decided to take the drop leaf table from the bar out to the courtyard and host a small, casual dinner party there.

These new salad plates are the star of this table.  I found them at Homegoods the other day, and knew that they were made for me.

As soon as I saw the stags and the acorns, I was putting them in the cart as fast as I could.

Come to mama!

I knew that this copper pan would be the perfect start for the centerpiece.
The orange/brown roses and the bronze football mums were exactly what I was looking for, but the green spider mums were a substitute for small green/white kale that I envisioned.  I thought I'd find them at the floral wholesaler, but they didn't have any.  So I moved on to that other wonderful floral source, Costco!  All of these flowers were from there, and the filler is from my yard. 

The tablecloth is made from leftover fabric from our office draperies.  It's a wool plaid from Ralph Lauren.  The rattan charger is from World Market, the cream plate is from Pottery Barn, and this light wooden flatware is from Martha Stewart's line at K-Mart, many years ago.
I started with a dark brown napkin, changed to a green napkin, then decided to go with this burnt orange one, used banner-style under the salad plate.  There is so much red in the color of the stag that I needed to go with this color and it worked great since it is also in the plaid of the tablecloth.  Are you wondering what that turquoise green stuff is at the bottom of the photo???  It's my new Vince Camuto driving mocs!  I'm standing on a chair for this very artistic photo, ya know! do it too!

I thought I'd use my glassware that is etched with stags, but these stems looked much better.

But these guys did get to come to the party.  They hold taupe colored tapers tonight.

Our everyday faux bois salt and pepper shakers worked just fine for this table.

And these plates were my choice for dessert of pumpkin pie.

I added some mums and pumpkins for a little extra "fall".

I had contemplated using a sisal rug under this, but truthfully, I didn't want to drag it outside.  We didn't miss it!

Nothing fancy, but I think we all enjoyed the change of venue.

It's so nice to enjoy the evening with perfect weather, good friends, and a location where we've never dined before tonight.  There's just no end of the ways to celebrate fall.


  1. Wonderful table setting, rustic and traditional at the same time! The driving mocs are cool too!
    Have a great weekend, Karolyn

  2. I love the fall decor! Great table setting!


  3. Love the outdoor setting for this tablescape. I just bought the same salad plates along with the pheasant dinner plates a couple of weeks ago. Curiously, I came across almost identical fabric for my table cloth left over from my neighbors upholstery project. Great minds must think alike! I am planning to do a hunt-scape in the next couple of weeks. I really love the stag candle holders. I didn't see where they came from. Are they a recent purchase? You certainly have done a wonderful job in creating this great "stag" tablescape.

  4. Gorgeous...those plates are great for fall.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda...

  5. What a delightful spot for dining, and you made it so fun for Fall!!! Love the new dishes and the candleholders....

  6. Lovely setting...the transferware plates are wonderful. Love your leaf plates...

  7. Such attention to detail -it is wonderful! Al fresco will soon be a memory so how nice you could enjoy it that evening. Jennifer

  8. Little wonder why this would be one of your favorite's beautiful!!! I love it that you picked up on the red in the dishes and brought that color a bit more to the fore. Great choice on the stemware, too! I LOVE that centerpiece!!!!!!!


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