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Monday, December 23, 2013

Elves Come To Dinner

I picked up these two silly little Christmas snowmen/elves at the floral wholesaler last winter.  I just loved them but I never used them last year.  Today I decided that Mom, Mr. Pressed Pants, and I would enjoy a very simple table with these guys as guests.

One is skinny and tall and one is short and wide.  (Sort of like Mr. Pressed Pants and me!)  And both of them are trimmed with tiny pinecones.

I decided to use this old wooden treen bowl filled with pinecones, excelsior, and a bit of Leland cypress as a centerpiece.

This made for a simple but cheerful table.

I picked up the stripes in the elves' hats with these napkins.  These are really tea towels that I bought for $.50 each at Ikea.  I used this cream handled flatware to keep it pale and serene.  The tablecloth is a cream burlap one from Ballards.

The stack looked like this:  World Market chargers, Kroger dinner plate and salad plate, and Ballard's bowl for salad.  You can see the post I did about these Kroger dishes here.  Don't they look like the much, much more expensive Juliska?

The water glass is a very simple red goblet that I've had so long that I don't even remember where I got it.   

Here's the place setting. 

The salt and pepper shakers also came  from Kroger.

And this wonderful black forest bear served the sugar for Mom's tea. 

We're back down to three after an early Christmas celebration with our younger daughter and her wonderful family.  Boy, they weren't here long, but it is waaaaaay too quiet since they've gone.  Maybe that's why this table is reflective of quiet and restraint.  

I'm not complaining that there's just the three of us left, because I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and to have my mom able to be here with us.  We are all safe and healthy and prosperous and there's no better feeling as we go into the most holy days of the year.  But, boy!  Was it ever fun with two sweet, Santa believing little guys splashing in our pool and hugging our necks!

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  1. Your table is delightful with your oh so cute snow people. Merry Christmas! ~ Sarah

  2. Beautiful...your table reflects the great inspiration of those snowmen. Love it!

  3. So very cute.Cheery table.Love your red goblet and the spoon set....seasons greetings to you and to your family.:)

  4. I'm glad you had such a good time with your daughter and her family, Linda! Now that things have quieted down, you can just sit back and reflect on the good times had by all this Christmas!

    I love that bowl with the pine cones and greenery! It's a simple, to the point, perfect winter centerpiece! The little snow people are cute, too. I, of course, would be the short, fat one. Ramon isn't tall, so there'd have to be a 3rd snow person created to represent him! :-)

    It is truly amazing how much those dishes look like the Juliska design! Kroger knows how to do it up right!!! I remember reading that post about the dishes some time ago. Yes indeed....a dish wonder!

    Enjoy the weekend, and stay cozy!

  5. A lovely, serene table, very welcoming! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


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