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Monday, December 30, 2013

Retrospective of the Tables of 2013

This hasn't been my most prolific or creative year for tablescapes, but I've put together a trip down memory lane for us to review the posts I've done this year.

In January, when I spotted small pots of daffodils at the market, I wanted to set this cheerful blue, yellow and white table.  My mom was visiting, and she loves blue more than anything, so it was a beautiful breakfast table for us all.  See this post here.

Valentine's Day called for a pastel table this year.  You can see this table here.

On a gray day in March, I set a table for friends all in gray and white with just a shot of hot pink.  This table can be seen here.

I used this egg topiary as a centerpiece for our Easter meal and used green dupioni silk and burlap with it.  It was not my normal Easter colors and while it was a nice change, it was too neutral for me and I missed pink!  See it here.

In May, Robin from the blog "All Things Heart and Home" joined me for a delightful lunch.  We talked and talked and I have the most fond memories of that afternoon.  To see more, click here.

Our azaleas were the star of the show when my bridge buddies came for lunch.  They are always so appreciative of any small effort, so it is so much fun for me to have them here.  See the azaleas and more here.

After a trip to the North Georgia Mountains, I brought back this bouquet of dahlias in this tomato sauce can.  It it inspired me to do a tomato themed table using red and yellow.  It might be my favorite table of the year.  The rest of the post is here.

Our Labor Day was cold and rainy, so our "picnic" was in the breakfast room.  There's nothing like a classic red/white/blue table.  See it here.

Then I took the summer off to re-evaluate whether or not I wanted to continue blogging.  I was feeling a little tapped out and we had so much going on here.  I re-entered the blogging world with this post of an absolutely precious wedding:

I was honored to help this beautiful couple put together the day of their dreams.  It was the most delightful experience I could imagine.  I posted three blogs on this wedding that you can see here and here and here.

As fall came, I found these darling stag transferware plates and they worked perfectly with this Ralph Lauren wool plaid.  The flowers were a bit brighter, but the copper pot made it all work.  Here's the rest.

I always wanted to have a luncheon in the paddock area in front of our house.  Well, I got that out of my system with this post.  It was a lovely day, but I'll probably never drag all of this stuff out there again.  See it here.

We usually have a dinner party for Halloween, but this year, it was just Mr. Pressed Pants and me.  I set an unusual table with this stark black and white plate.  We never get any Trick or Treaters, so we lingered and lingered, but we never saw the Great Pumpkin.  Check it out here.

This guy hosted everyone at our Thanksgiving table.  I kept the rest of the table neutral and autumnal accordingly.  Isn't he great?  See more of him here.

Just after Thanksgiving, our Wine Club came to our house.  It's an easy night, as everyone brings an appetizer and the host provides the wine, dessert, and maybe a few extra appetizers.  Maybe it was the holiday season, but everyone seemed to step up their game that night.  See it here.

When Mom arrived the week before Christmas, the season was truly upon us and we greeted her with this easy, casual table.  I love these little salad plates from Walmart that inspired this.  More here.

The little elves were a cute addition to a very simple red and white table a few days later.  More here.

And, finally, our Christmas Day table was about as traditional as you can get.  I treasure these dishes and, of course, they are used so infrequently.  That's ok with me.  It makes me appreciate them even more.  See this post here.

Of course, the real stars of each one of these tables were the people who sat around them.  There is just something so special about putting your feet under someone's table, and we welcomed many many wonderful friends this year.  I can't capture that in a blog, but anyone who cares about setting the "perfect" table is really caring about presenting a gift to those who join them.


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  1. Loved seeing all your table artistry! Happy new year!


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