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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Custom Poppers

 I hope you've noticed that I've been missing from the blogsphere.  I've been with my daughter playing Florence Nightingale, uber driver, maid, laundress and cook.  My poor baby broke her kneecap and couldn't do any of the above!  There were also thousand of snuggles, millions of kisses, and billions of giggles with those adorable boys of hers.  While I was there, since Cleveland is the home of Seven Barks, I was excited to be invited to drop into their printing plant (POV Print Solutions) and watch them assemble a custom order for party poppers!!!!

There was recently a beautiful wedding in California that provided these custom poppers for each guest.  They were designed with this express party in mind using the bride and groom's initials and a custom selection of gifts inside.  Each one has a small gun powder strip for that little bit of excitment when you pull the ends for the traditional surprise.

This was the huge box of custom glitter that was used inside the poppers.  

And here's one of the sweetest job managers I ever met!  Can you see how EACH PIECE is handmade?

And here's a box ready to make the trip from Ohio to California.

I can't resist showing some of their standard offerings.  Here's a photo of their Thanksgiving poppers I took at their booth at the gift show in Atlanta.

Their Easter poppers.

The red/white/blue ones.

I just had to play with one of the poppers that they gave me.  I dug through my daughter's pretties and put this look together.  She had so many lovely things to choose from, and I dusted the china cabinet's items while I was at it!  Isn't this pretty? 

I started with her Kate Spade silver and cream tablecloth.  I think I got this for her for Christmas, as a matter of fact.  I used this heavy pewter beaded charger, and her Wedgewood platinum wedding china.  Then a mother of pearl dessert plate.

Another wedding gift was this stunning sterling silver flatware.  It is Old Maryland Engraved.  I absolutely love this pattern. 

A friend of Susie's brought her a beautiful floral arrangement, so I picked a few select blooms out to style this pretty table.  The rose is gorgeous, but those blue/grey thistles really ring my chimes!

I think these bee salt and pepper shakers came from her mother-in-law.  I sure wanted to stick these in my pocket.

I went a little over the top with four etched glasses, but she had soooo many beautiful pieces of crystal, I just couldn't stop myself. 

I placed them on the railing of the deck so you could get a better look at them.

This piece is the queen of the hop!  It is William Yeoward's fern pattern.  Doesn't it make your mouth water?  This is truly exquisite.  Everything about it is perfection.  These were also wedding presents from some really generous guests.

These champagne glasses are similarly etched.

These water glasses have ferns and dots, as do the Yeoward pieces and are very similar, but not quite the same quality.  Really beautiful glasses, never the less.

And then this little juice glass is also similar.

It all came together so well and featured this great, fun little accessory sort of poached from Seven Barks.  It's no secret that I love their products.  You can see their catalog here.  If you want some custom designs, they can do that, too.  Tell them I sent you!

I'm back in Atlanta now, missing all of the action and hugs.  We're planning some fall entertaining, and then we'll soon be in the thick of holiday parties.  I promise to be a better blogger and share what we're up to!

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  1. What you have done in this post is so beautiful! Your daughter's items are beautiful and you have assembled them all so stunningly. I love how you featured the "popper's", I have always been obsessed with them. My whole family just loves them and get so excited over the little prizes. IT is so funny to watch them! Love how you featured a company that makes them. I have missed you posts. Hope your daughter is healing well.

  2. That is a unique business. Thank you for hosting at Home Sweet Home!


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