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Thursday, August 18, 2011

All Grown Up!!!

Life often sends you surprises and life in the blogging world is certainly no exception!  Can you imagine my delight when I read a comment left on a recent tablescape post from a fellow blogger who turned out to be a dear college friend of my daughter's?  Did you follow that run-on sentence?  I was thrilled with her compliment, thrilled with her outreach and thrilled with the re-connect.  But the best part of all is to see the beautiful home and the beautiful family (4 sons!) she has so lovingly created.  It seems my older daughter was so taken with my Veggie Luncheon post that she mentioned it on her Facebook page.  Carolyn read the shout-out and visited.  (Social networking.....blogging.......I feel sooooo hip!!!)  At any rate, this sweet face is all grown up and I'd just love the chance to have her visit my home again. Until then, we'll visit each others' blogs.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how modern technology allows us to reconnect with others. That had to be a real treat for you to hear from your daughter's friend. The table you did for the luncheon was very creative. The plates in particular were so pretty and unusual. Shannon

  2. Oh my goodness... You are so sweet, but I'm sure my big mug is probably scaring some of your readers away :) When I first saw it on my Dashboard, I thought I had mistakenly enlarged and posted a picture of myself!

    So glad to have reconnected through the blogosphere (you are so hip!). Now I can keep up with Amy a bit more, too. Your home looks gorgeous, and you can bet I'll be knocking on your door next time I'm in Hotlanta :)Just be glad you don't live near me anymore. I'd be dragging you over here today to help with my hardwood flooring dilemma!

    You forgot to mention we are also sisters. Xi love and mine, Carolyn


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