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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ya Ya Room

When our youngest two grandsons visited a couple of weeks ago, I posted about finding a certain little boy's shorts hanging from the chandelier in this bedroom.  See it here.  When this was posted, I got a number of comments and emails asking to see the rest of this room, and the rest of the house.  I've been  a bit reluctant to show our home in great detail, but when I started getting phone calls asking for it, I decided to start featuring a room at a time.  So I'm starting with this guest room that I designed for a non-existent granddaughter.  We call it the Ya-Ya room. 

This was how the previous owners used it.

Deep colors, and heavy mahogany furniture.  I hate, hate, hate the look of overhead fans, even though they are necessary and wonderful in their practicality.  Out it went.  I put it in the potting shed.  You can see it here.

You can see that not only did we get rid of the popcorn ceiling, paint the whole room, replace the carpet, we also replaced the polished brass hardware with oil rubbed bronze.  We did this with the whole house, including the hinges on all of the doors.  I think this style of brass hardware really dated the house.  It was really good quality, but it had to go.

Here's my very favorite part of the room....this pink and white crystal chandelier.  Even the bulb has a cute little beaded cover.  I love this soooo much. says "Ya-Ya"!!!!!!

I put twin beds in here.  It's always nice to have the option of twin beds for guests.  If you have a crowd, you can put compatible people in the same room, when you might not want to if they had to share a bed.  The carpet is an olefin that looks so much like sisal, that people can't believe it isn't sisal.  I couldn't go with real, since this is on the terrace level of the house, and has a cement subfloor.  The possible moisture problem is minimized with this product.  I've used in in several houses.

The sheets and shams are Yves De Lorme.  It is such great stuff!  Yes, I DO iron it, though.  When you do, it is so heavenly.  Soft but crisp.  Guests are worth it.  The beds are a tailored style of cherry and mahogany with just a tiny bit of gilt.  Very understated. 

The matelesse is a cute white polka-dot by Malabar.  I just keep hoping that guests won't put their suitcases on it.  Trust me, I always point out the luggage rack!  At the foot of each bed is a mohair throw that is so cuddly and soft.

Over each bed is an oil painting of a bunny in a deep burnished gold frame.  The plate is by Luneville, a French company.

In between the beds is this nightstand.  I found this white ironstone lamp years ago at a consignment shop in Indianapolis and put a white silk shade on it.  Every  guest room still needs an alarm clock, even though most people set their own cell phone alarms these days. The candle is lilly of the valley scented and is on a small green and white china butter pat, ans the little piece of lace was my grandmother's. 

On the floor under this nightstand is one of the few silk flower arrangements you'll find in our house.   I think these are exceptional quality and they are in a white porcelain urn from our older daughter's beautiful wedding.

Going around the room, next is this Victorian chest and mirror that I painted white and antiqued green.  It holds extra bedding and pillows and the drawers are lined with beautiful paper. 

This is actually three random pieces that I put together and unified with paint.  The top with the two small drawers, little shelves, and this great keysone was made to have a mirror hang off of it and tilt.  That mirror was missing, but I found one that is just hung on the wall.  These green hobnail lamps are from Martha Stewart's old mail order company and I replaced the paper shades with silk.  The porcelain dresser set is an antique.  I always have water in a guest room, too.  Oh, look's another silk plant!  I guess I don't have as few as I thought.  This one is lilly of the valley.

Beside the dresser is this chaise lounge that has been in our family for years and years.  Between my mother and I, this has been recovered so many times that I can't count.  I have a great upholsterer that made these cute little flowers under the buttons.  I love this needlepoint pillow.  The one behind it has a bee skeep on it.
It matches some Osbourne and Little fabric that I used in our last house.

This pair of etchings are from Williamsburg and are hand colored.  They each represent the month of the birth of our daughters. 

This round table holds some very sentimental photos, a Limoges box, an antique plate, a metal candlestick, a paper mache rabbit and a lamp with a dimmer switch.  These sheer curtains are just off of the rack.  I'm still contemplating what I want to do.  I may just leave these plain, because I don't want any fabric to fight with this...........

beautiful organza overlay.  It is pretty great, isn't it?  The plaid is a pink and white silk.

The tub chair is another piece that has been recovered several times. 

The green and white pillow is hand painted and the needlepoint one is from a dear friend.

I'm sort of over this plaid, so I'm going to recover it in this fun fabric.  I think it will make this room look a little fresher.

The closet space is great on this room.  I use one side  for out of season clothing storage, and the other one is simply for guests.

I love this metal sconce and this photo of our family at the beach on Sanibel Island.

Don't you hate it when you're visiting someone and there's no trash can?  There's always those airline labels from your luggage at the very least.  I'm always surprised how much trash is in here from guests.  This is a good look at the carpet in this room.

Another special gift.  I have it hang on the doorknob.

Here's the inside of the closet.  Luggage rack, towels, ironing board, iron, padded hangers, and a plastic bag for dirty clothes.  I always bring these home from hotels so that our company can take their clothes home in them.  I also have a one-size-fits-all terry cloth robe and some washable slippers.  Another thing that I have in here and I'm surprised by how often it is used it this little fan.  Several people say they like the white noise of a fan.  Who knew?  At our house, you'll need it to drown out the noise of the crickets.

On a small wall over by the entrance are these two small antique French cartouches.  They are hand colored and matted in a gilt edged oval.

Isn't this exquisite?

And here's the other one, although a bit blurry.

Lastly, this hangs on the doorknob.  It tells me when this room is NOT ready for coffee.

The very, very best part of this room is the people who stay here.  We have moved so many times and have no family in town, so we miss so many people in our lives.  Nothing makes us happier than to fill this room with guests and spoil them a bit.  Would you like to make a reservation?

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  1. A truly inviting room. I love the bed linens, so great for a good night's sleep. Love love the pictures on the wall. I too hate ceiling fans with a passion! xo marlis

  2. What a super sweet room! I love the bunny paintings!

  3. Oh this is so adorable and I just peaked at your potting shed, what a fabulous room that turned out to be too!
    Terry at La Bella Vie

  4. What a great guest room! Love the fabric you are thinking about for the chaise and all the little details you shared. That chandelier is gorgeous!

  5. I am so glad we already made our reservations. Fear not, there is a little girl coming soon for the Ya-Ya room, and she is bringing her American Girl doll! I have to tell you that I laughed so hard recently when I saw those shorts hanging from the chandelier. That was CLASSIC!!! I have no difficulty imagining that happening.

  6. How wonderful! You are so kind to take care such good care of your guests -sign me up for a reservation.

  7. Your guest room is beautiful! So welcoming and inviting...and you have so many special touches for your guests. I'm sure they feel so welcome in your home. :)

    Oh, and I LOVED the shorts on the chandelier story! LOL

  8. Linda, what a wonderfully welcoming guest room. You've thought of everything - and then some! The gorgeous organza overlay caught my eye because I have a white linen banquet cloth with a very similar design. The padded grapes are a favorite!

  9. Hi Linda,
    I am visiting you from Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.
    I love your guest room the colors are delightful. The soft green is one of my favorite colors. All the special touches are so welcoming for your guests. The chaise lounge is so sweet with the fabric flowers under the buttons and the chandelier is beautiful!
    The green lamps on the dresser is so pretty. I think you have thought of everything..a little Bed and Breakfast room.
    I have enjoyed my visit with you today and have become your newest follower.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  10. Love the twin beds...and the mirror inside the mirror!

    Thank-you for sharing it all!

    Please consider being apart of Miracle Makeover Week for kids with cancer... Met Monday will feature next week...for more on how to create a post for it go to

    love, kelee @

  11. What a warm and welcoming room! I love the pretty color scheme and all the special details that must make your guests feel comfortable. Do you have trouble getting them to leave? Shannon

  12. A real comfortable room for the guest... Can I come and stay:)... its not only beautiful but you provide each and every thing for your honorable guest... I got many ideas as we are going to build our own house and obviously a guest room in it... thanks a lot for sharing
    Now I am back from my vacations and in blogging world too…
    A little post to share some of my moments of vacation... hope you like to visit and enjoy it...


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