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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nearly No-Calorie Pasta

Let me set the stage:
1. I'm visiting an especially dear friend who has recently lost weight and looks terrific.
2.  We love to cook together.
3.  We love to eat together.
4.  She and her husband love cooking gadgets.

Enter the Spirolizer!

This box just arrived from Amazon.  You can find a link to order it here.  It is under $30 and we had the best time fixing our lunch and playing with this new toy.

T'is the season for zucchini and Barb had four lovely ones in her veggie basket. We gave them a quick wash, removed the ends and were ready to go!  

This was sooo easy to set up.  It was very well made and comes with three different sized blades.  We chose the smallest cut to make "spaghetti" out of the zucchini.  The machine has suction that keeps it in place as you cut.  We played with potatoes and all of the blades.  Holy smokes, it was fun!

Here we go!

Just a few simple, easy twists and here it comes!

Here's our plate of spirals. 

Into a skillet with a small amount of pesto.  Barb had some delicious home made pesto that she makes with very little oil and no nuts.  It worked perfectly.  We threw in some home grown heirloom tomatoes fresh picked from the vine and after just a few minutes on the heat, we had an absolutely wonderful meal.  You could cook it as long as you want, but we elected to just barely heat it through, so it would be crisp.  We actually smacked our lips as we ate!  We thought of lots of ways to use this and lots of "recipes" to use with the veggies you could cut with this new toy. 
NOW.....could eating like this make me look like Barb?  I'm ordering one just in case! 


  1. That looks delicious! Do you think I could fool my kids into believing it was actually pasta??

    Had so much fun at coffee with you ladies today! Thanks for squeezing me into your schedule. It was great to catch up with you. I better catch Barb around town rocking her skinny jeans :)

  2. I have too many gadgets that are used for a month and then quietly find a spot in the back of a shelf! But this one looks fantastic! The zucchini dish had to have been de-lish!

    Thanks for joining The Blog Sisters!


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