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Friday, December 19, 2014

Burlap and Gold Christmas Dinner

When I was asked to do the center of a buffet table for an event, I knew just what I would do.  I had found this tablecloth at Homegoods.  It was 124" long, and I cut it into a runner for the buffet.  It's a Ralph Lauren cloth and you can't tell by this photo, but it is touched by a bit of gold paint.  It's  a high/low look, right off the bat.

Then I used this wonderful old wooden sled as a base for the flower arrangement.  It's a little large for just this dinner table, but was a great scale for the four banquet tables we used for the buffet.

This is what I used.  The gold on the Santa's coat picked up the gold in the cloth.

I used a piece of styrofoam as a base for the greenery and the Santa.

This sled top was made from one piece of wood.  I think it's a special piece.

He could be used in a very fancy, elegant display, but I wanted to bring him down to a more rustic look.

Strangely, the poinsettias in water tubes still look great, but the white roses have already faded and been removed.  The kryptomeria was cut fresh from our yard. 

I love the height this faux birch tree gives the arrangement.

If I were doing a dinner with this centerpiece, I would have chosen this table setting.  

You can barely tell here, but the napkin is a burlap-like material with gold threads woven in.  The napkin ring is one my mom gave me years ago.

The gold charger and gold rimmed china was an easy choice, and then I used this cream handled flatware.

The Waterford stem looks good, but I'm afraid that this stemless gold wine glass might look a bit strong for the table.  I guess it looked better in person than in this photo.

Mr. Pressed Pants thought that this Santa looked a little hung over.  What do you think?


  1. To paraphrase Sen. Lloyd Bentsen's infamous debate remark back during the 1988 Presidential election, "I know that look. That look is a friend of mine. Santa, you are NOT properly hung over!" :-) :-) :-)

    This was a FABULOUS idea, Linda! I just know it looked fantastic on the long buffet table! The rustic nature of the sled is a perfect juxtaposition to the shimmery threads of gold in your tablecloth and napkins as demonstrated. When I click on and enlarge the photos, it is VERY easy to see the pretty gold running through those fabrics. Great idea to cut down the tablecloth and create a runner. You are very brave and talented to do that!

    The birch branch really, really took the centerpiece to a whole other level!!! I love that you thought of that to add height without interfering with the overall look!!! I also love the soft, draping look of the greenery with those pretty white poinsettia blooms. GORGEOUS!!!

    You will undoubtedly be called upon again and again to create something special for this event. You knocked it WAY out of the ballpark this year!

    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Pressed Pants!

  2. What a beautiful table. I'm with the mister, Santa does look a little tired! Hahaha.


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