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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plaid Lunch for the Bridge Buddies

My sweet group of bridge buddies came for lunch yesterday.  I've been in Ohio with my grandsons, but as soon as I got home, the entertaining began.  We have several back to back to back events here, but these women are so wonderful to have over, that I love the planning and the cooking for them.  I decided to feature this sweet fawn salad plate and lots and lots of plaid.  

Their first taste of plaid was at the front door.  It's just about the same way I decorated last year with these vintage sporting goods.

This wonderful old sled was made of one piece of wood, but over time it has split a bit.  I actually used this at on a buffet table at a women's event.  I'll do a quick post about it in a few days.

The wreath has vintage ice skates.

And these very old skis usually hang out in our terrace level family room, but they are fun here for the season.

Inside is festive and seasonal.  I love to mix plaids and I went to town on this table.

This deer salad plate from Walmart sits on a plaid dinner plate from Target and a wicker charger from World Market.  Who says you can only set a Christmas table with your "good stuff".  You can see the red handled flatware.  It's so old I can't remember where it came from.

The bread and butter plate was a plain textured red glass.  I can't remember where I got them, either.

The glassware was a mix of formal cut red glass, and an etched tumbler with a regal stag.  The red ones are from Homegoods, and the tumblers are from World Market.

This plaid napkin was held with a napkin ring that is really an ornament from Walmart.  I saw this idea on "Between Naps on the Porch" a few weeks ago.  I can hear you asking, "What is that black thing?????  Well, my friends....that's the ditzy photographer's slipper!  Just keeping it real!

I love, love, love this chachepot that is presently holding a small cedar tree, pointsettias, and pepperomias.  I change it out often but this worked just as it was, so I plopped it on the table and was done.

Here's another ornament from Walmart.

And here's how I used it!  Isn't it cute?

These candlesticks were a no-brainer, too.  They sit in our entryway most of the year, but I love them on this table.

I love to make interesting invitations and paper details when I entertain.  I didn't have time for invitations this time, but I did make a menu.  It makes me feel so flattered when my guests take them home to remember the event.

Here's a close-up of the quote that I chose for this menu.  

I love to send my guests home with a small gift.

Here's the plaid ornament I chose in hopes that they would remember this plaid luncheon when they hang it on their trees.

Also in the dining room, I have a small chest that has a little deer vignette, 

and a woodland Santa on the sideboard.

His colors are perfect for this room.

We played bridge in the breakfast room, and I used this ultrasuede cloth trimmed with brown velvet trees and stags.

We really did play several games!

It was a beautiful day outside, so I moved this pot of amaryllis and paperwhites out to the pool area.

I think this needs some red berries in it, don't you?

And what was I wearing as I pulled this table together?  Well, what else?  My red plaid sneakers!


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  1. I love your table (and sneakers):):) I am crazy about plaid too and have a plaid table planned for our dinner group this Sat. I also posted a new table today. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Love all the tartans, Linda! Those cute deer plates look so good paired with the tartan.Your menu sounds delicious, too.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I LOVE those plaid sneakers, Linda! I am a sneaker girl through and through, and those are fabulous! I need to keep my eyes open for a pair!

    I love it that you started the theme at the front door and continued it on throughout the inside decor. I remember your antique sporting goods from last year, and they are classic pieces that are sure to find a place in the spotlight for years to come.

    "The good stuff" is everything I own from my own perspective. Heck, we pay good money for it, and as long as it is set out in a tasteful manner, it's "the good stuff" from where I sit!!! :-) I love those salad plates. The little deer are so sweet. Not at all like those who go plowing through our yard and running out in the middle of the highway at the height of rush hour!

    I found those same antler ornaments at Walmart this year, and I love them! I really like the way you used them.

    Your menu looks fantastic!!! I'm a menu girl if there ever was one, and this one is just beautiful!

    No worries with your tootsies in the photo! I like it that you're keepin' it real!

    I'm going to keep my eyes open for those tumblers at World Market! They are really slick! I like to decorate with reindeer and antlers, and those would get a lot of use around here at Christmas time each year!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    1. Alycia - I got the sneakers at TARGET!!! Oh yes I did!

  4. You thought everything out so nicely and put it together well. Love those plates paired with the wicker chargers and plaid tablecloth!

  5. What a fun party! I love, love, love all the plaids and antlers. Well done! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  6. Beautiful! I love the plaid throughout the house - and the entrance is stunning! Great job! (Off to Tarjay to find some plaid, love yours.) Oh, and I have some stag glasses from World Market also - don't you love them? They are perfect with your table setting!
    House of Highlands

  7. I love the use of plaid and antlers. I absolutely love it all. Happy Holidays to you and yours! xo

  8. Those sweet fawn salad plates look wonderful with the tartan plaid dinner plates and the antler ornaments. The whole look is a wonderful woodsy Christmas blend of holiday cheerfulness.... Candy

  9. It looks beautiful, you know I love plaid!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, happy 2015!

  10. Loved the plaid ornament -- lucky guests to enjoy your beautiful table, and then have a plaid gift to take home. Sally

  11. I love it, I love it! Your last plaid for the holidays is gorgeous! The tablecloth, the plates, your plaids inside and outside of your home are so festive and pretty!
    Just dropped by from the TARTAN PARADE too.
    Happy November,

  12. What a great post, Linda!

    It's so much fun to see where all the pieces and components of your table settings came from. I need to get to Walmart more often -- obviously!
    (Your photobomb slipper cracked me up!)

    Your friends must have felt like royalty with all the lovely touches you prepared for them -- take away plaid ornaments to top it off!

    Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up this post. You have gotten me into the mood -- looking forward to the upcoming plaid-clad holiday season.

    Have a great day, Linda!

  13. Your friends must have been thrilled with the tartan welcome, a delicious menu, and an afternoon of bridge with friends. I have the tartan plates from Target, but need more. I never was successful at filling out my set. They look great with the fawn salads and the wicker chargers. Well, tartan looks good with anything! '-)
    Love the tartan sneakers too. Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade.

  14. Oh, I love this table and all your decoration sooo much! Those stag candlesticks are fabulous! Love the way you mixed different plaids, too...that's not always easy to do and you did it beautifully!

  15. Omg I love your decorations! They are soooo cute! Visiting from the tartan parade!

  16. Oh, I loved this and LOVED your shoes! I'm sure your friends were delighted with that gorgeous table!


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