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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Dinner at Amy's

Just these three words: Christmas Eve Dinner.
Don't they tell of tradition, wonder, excitement and joy?  Our family is all on the same page for this event.  It can be in different cities, on different plates, at different times of the day, but one thing remains constant.  We must be together.  This year, our older daughter hosted our family at this beautiful table.

Each lovely place setting was a treat.  Most of these items were wedding gifts.  Each detail is flexible enough that it can be used a variety of ways.  Here it is perfect for Christmas.

The flowers are simply three bunches from the grocery store.  Cut short, they work well in three footed ice tea glasses.  These are made by Fostoria and called Americana.

I know!  You asked yourself, "What's with this crooked candlestick?  Nearly every post she does has a crooked candle!"  Well, you're right!  But they never look crooked until I post them!  This one is set into a glass holder from Tiffany.  It has a simple painted metal holly wreath around it.  I know, too, that the wick should have been blackened when put on the table, but, hey, it was Christmas Eve and we had lots of cooking to do!

On the red linen tablecloth, we started with the dinner plates from Tiffany.  Amy has always loved polka dots, so this fun but sophisticated pattern was perfect for her.  Then she chose Green Panel from Royal Crown Derby for her complimentary pattern.  I only found four of these in her china stack, so I used two of the Tiffany, but after they were washed, I found the rest.  Oh, well!  The silver is by Reed and Barton.  Can you see the dots on it, too?

These Waterford Marquis Hanover pattern of glassware ia a perfect choice for this china.  It has polka dots just under the gold rim.

These simple flowers from above.

An aerial view of the table.

The napkins are from Pottery Barn and nobody can remember where the silver napkin rings come from.  I wish we knew, as I'd like to get her more.

In the breakfast room, a pretty table was set for the children, too.  Spode's Christmas Tree pattern works so well here.  I have bought this for her for years.  The flatware is her everyday pattern, from William-Sonoma.  We all forget the pattern name.  The linens are a reverse of the dining room.

The boys were even pronounced old enough for the matching Spode glassware this year.

The centerpiece was pushed to the end, but it was holly in a French wire holder.  It has four sections, each with a grey pot.

This perfect amaryllis reigned in the corner.  It is in a fabulous French concrete pot. 

Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Cheese and Crackers
Shrimp Cocktail
Roasted Delmonico Beef
Spinach Noodle Kugle
Tossed Salad with Pomegranate and Apples
Cloverleaf Rolls
Sauteed Green Beans with Shallots
Peppermint Ice Cream on a Brownie
with Hot Fudge Sauce

The main dish can change, but the dessert must be the same!!!  Peppermint Ice Cream Forever!!!!


  1. Isn't it delightful to have adult children who can host such a lovely family gathering? Amy's tables are both gorgeous! And I agree about the peppermint ice cream!

  2. Amy is a chip off the "ole" block. She has been watching you for years and look what you have taught her!!! Christmas Eve with your family is steeped in special.

  3. It absolutely HAS to be peppermint ice cream with Gramma's hot fudge sauce! It looks gorgeous, Amy.

  4. Hi,

    Spode Christmas dinnerware set is wonderful and it so looking beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing this. This type of plate is traditional plate. Thanks a lot...

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