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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I. Love. This. Gift.

I hope that you all have a person in your life that from the moment you met, GETS YOU.  I have that friend, and even though we haven't lived in the same town for a long time, we still share all our good shopping sources, design info, and favorite blogs, among many other things that I better not mention!  I have blamed her for introducing me to many additctions hobbies and passions.  When a package comes to my house with her return address, I'm ripping into it madly.

Here's what I opened today.

You haven't figured out what it is yet, have you?  I really must learn to photograph glass better.

Can you see it better?  Knowing my obsession of faux bois, she somewhere found a clear glass faux log with indentations for votives!!!!  I. Love. This. Gift!!!!

It is open on the ends, so I filled it with fresh greenery.  Don't you love it?

Here it is with the candles lit. 

I wish you all had a friend like mine!!!

This is the beautiful accompanying note.

This beautiful person has a business of really special stationery designed with old French engravings.  Check her company out at Somerset Manor Designs. 

It would be really something if she like her present half as much as I love mine.  Thanks, friend.

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