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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ski and Showshoe Table

I must admit that I'm sort of over Christmas decorations and tablescapes.  I was pretty sure that I'd post something non-seasonal this week, but we got a "gift" of snow in Atlanta on Christmas day, so I decided to do this winter sports themed table.  I have this cheerful tablecloth that I found at The Christmas Shop.  As a matter of fact, many of the items are from there.  Ok, it's not Christmasy, but it's not non-seasonal either.  Did you get that???  The skis....

and the snowshoes are embroidered on it several places.
I decided to use it on the breakfast room table for a breakfast for two. 

I limited the colors to just red and white. 

I started with a plate that Kroger is selling.  Pretty good match, don't you think?  I added our everyday flatware from Williams-Sonoma.  

Then I used a white plate under a red scalloped cereal bowl from Ballard's.

These red stems are so old that I can't remember where I got them.  Oldies but goodies!

I got a little clever with the napkin.  I found these at The Christmas Shop and bought them for a centerpiece or something.  I wasn't sure, but could any of you pass them up?  Didn't think so.

Here's how I used them!  Napkin rings???  Napkin skids???  Napkin adornments???  You decide.
And here's the best part.  The stag standing in snow with SNOW outside!!!!!

See?  Even the lower terrace has snow on it!

He's from Z Gallerie this year.  Couldn't resist.

Here's an aerial view of how it came together.

So, after I had almost everything put away, I realized that I forgot two items that I had planned to use!  Do you ever do that?  Well, since I probably won't be using this again for a long time, I'm slipping them in for you to see.  One is these cute little mittens that I thought I'd use as silverware holders.

And these juice glasses would have been cute, too.  Oh well, at least  they'll be available another time.  

I'm linking up with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  Go over there and see her great blog party. 


  1. This is an adorable tablescape! I love all the read and white!!

  2. Love those juice glasses. Where did you find them??

  3. Love that tablecloth.. omg it's really quite wonderful. Happy New Year to you and yours, may the new year bring lots of blessings!

  4. Where do you come up with all these uber-clever ideas??? That is really cool! The red is bright and cheery without being too Christmas-oriented. (I'm over it, too!) The miniature snow shoes are just TOO MUCH!!! If I saw them in a store, I wouldn't pass them up, either!!! To put the napkins on them is just genius!!! I saw that stag at Z Gallerie and longed for him. Glad I can admire him through your 'scape! Atlanta really DID get dumped on by east coast/southern standards. The snow is so pretty to look at, but a BEAR to have to drive or walk in! :-( Warmer weather is headed your way, and I hope you and yours have a rockin' New Year's eve!!! See you in '11!!!

  5. I really love your table. That tablecloth is awesome with the embroidered skiis. Love how you added the accessories and how you decorated the napkin. Happy New Year.

  6. Love all the red and white. Just lovely. Happy New Year.

  7. Love your red and white table! Very perky and delightful. Happy New Year.

  8. I've spent the day putting away the Santas, etc.; but I'm still enjoying the greenery and wildlife ensconced around our home...they seem to ring of winter as much as Christmas. Your red and white nod to all things 'Nordic,' is darling. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  9. That is amazing that I got it this year for .98. I love how you used it! Love the snow shoes as napkin rings. I would have bought those too!

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