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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


These very special napkin rings have been in my buffet drawer waiting for just the right post.  Aren't they wonderful?  They are made by my friend's company, Rebecca Ray Designs.  More about her business later in this post.  These are reproductions of highly collectible antique bridal rosettes which have been made into napkin rings.

These are the four designs that come in a set.  They are all on this dark brown grosgrain ribbon with white stitching on the edges.

I wanted you to be able to see the way these are made.  This brass that surrounds the rosette has this loop in the back that holds the ribbon.  These are all handmade by traditional methods by the men and women in the Amish community in Ohio, as is most of Rebecca's wares.

I've set this table for four in our bar on a very dreary day.  The napkin rings were the inspiration, but this antique toy horse was the piece de resistance.  He is on loan from Patty Jones at Queen of Hearts Antiques in Alpharetta, Georgia.  It's a co-op shop with lots of great things, but I love her stuff the most.  I have some more photos of that later as well. 

Here's a placesetting.  I used the napkins across the bowl so that each element would stack upon the next.

The pottery is the "Stitches" pattern from European Ceramics and I got it at Old Time Pottery.  Do you see the stitches in the pottery, the napkin ring ribbon and the saddle on the napkin?  Great, huh?

The fabrics are all from Ralph Lauren.  Who does equestrian better than Ralph?  Hermes?  Well, yea, but I think I'll have to stick with Ralph.  The tablecloth plaid and this window pane check both came from Bocca Bargoons in Alpharetta.

Here's a close-up of this detail.

Glassware is from Bobby Flay's line at Kohl's.  I think I saw that they still have this in their current inventory.

This faux bone handled flatware is so versatile.  I especially like the metal detail on the banding.  The bone color echoed the cream in the napkin.

See the incredible handiwork on these?

This other star of the table is also handmade, but many moons ago.  The details are somewhat crude but to me, this just adds to the charm. 

Here's his sweet face head-on.

This leather saddle....

the hooves.....

and the tail are really nicely crafted.

I really didn't think this table called for flowers, but I wanted to soften the look of the middle.  I used stuff from my yard; kale, Leland cypress, and nandina berries.

This might be an unrealistic sized centerpiece for a meal, but you get the feeling I was going for. Guests might get a bit tired of gazing at this great guy, but he could be gently set on the counter nearby.

At Patty's booth, this is the way he waits for just the right home. Could it be mine after all?  Maybe! 

I really appreciate the loan!!!  He made the entire table special.

Rebecca Ray Design Logo
If you appreciate the sporting life, you really must check out Rebecca's unique company. She started out her American-made couture handbag line with whimsical fabric bags adorned with sporting images and antique or vintage brooches. She has since added greatly to her line with bags made from Hudson Bay blankets, antique French grain bags, and canvas feed sack images. Jewelry, dog collars, key fobs, placemats, belts and pillows are some of the other items that she has developed.

I've been so happy to see Becky start and grow this company.  She has shared her experiences, as well as her merchandise with me!!!!!!!!  Go, girl!

Estate Series image
From the Estate Series of handbags

Belts image
From Accessories

Jewelry image
Cuffs from the Jewelry line

Pillows image
From Home Decor

A vignette photographed at their corporate office in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Even their staff's children are equine-focused!

I'm linking up with Tablescape Thursdays.  Go see Susan's party with lots of great ideas.

Happy to Design has a great blog party called Sunday Favorites that invites bloggers to post their old favorite posts.  I've chosen this one for tonight. Visit her blog at:


  1. What a wonderful tablescape. The stitching detail of the plates which is then repeated in both the napkins and the ribbon is an eye catcher. Beautiful equestrian tablescape. The little wooden horse is tugging at my heart. I hope he goes to live at your house. ~ Sarah

  2. very cute, love all the horsing around~

  3. Every detail is just wonderful! I can't believe you even found a place setting that had a stiched pattern in it. It's just perfect as is the entire table.

    Your friend does wonderful work. The napkin rings are adorable.

  4. Love all the equestrian details at your table~ the horse is outstanding!

  5. I think the bone flatware is really unexpected but it is perfect with your table!

  6. I love this tablescape! It is a nice relief from the ordinary. You really stepped it up a notch. I love the plates with the napkins. The napkin rings could not be anymore perfect! And that centerpiece! You made the perfect choice with the cypress, berrie and kale. I can't get enough!

    I hope you will come by and visit. I am having a giveaway that you may like!

  7. GirlFRIEND!!! WOW!!! Now THIS is a table I can live with all winter long! This would have been a winner at the contest they do here for the American Royal Horse Show!!! is beautiful. I am floored at how you paired those incredible napkin rings with the Stitch dishes. I saw those dishes and couldn't think of what on earth I'd use them for. You just showed me! Paired with the Ralph Lauren (my nose is up in the air as I speak his royal name!) napkins and the napkin ring...and let's not leave out the complementary tablecloth... that look is straight out of a magazine! It's fantastic!!! I personally don't think the centerpiece is too big. I believe in "Go big, or go home" when it comes to centerpieces. You did an exceptional job with the florals underneath, too. Get on down with your bad self!

  8. Breathtaking! Absolutely breathtaking.

  9. Pretty cool stuff! You really can't go wrong with RL! I love the whole theme! Jacqueline

  10. That horse is really something. What a wonderful thing to base your table around. I love those dishes. Your napkin rings are great. I have a friend who is so not into tablescaping but she loves horses. I must show her this one. :)

  11. I love this unique table scape. It reminds me of my husband's grandpa who died several years ago. He was definitely a horse kind of guy.

  12. What a unique table! Well done!

  13. I am in love with your entire tablescape.. and Yeah Ralph does the horsey thing the best.. I love the dishes.. OMG... I might just have to find some of those..

  14. The napkin rings are a wonderful inspiration for your tablescape...the elements with the white stitching tie everything together perfectly. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  15. The horse lover that I am fell in love with your tablescape. Everything is so perfect! Love the plates, napkin rings and the centerpiece is to die for...thank you so much for sharing..

  16. What an unusual yet very neat table. You did a great job, everything looks fantastic and matches so well. Would make a great guy table, winter
    table or equestrian lovers birthday table!!
    Very charming.
    May you have a Christmas Season full of love,
    peace and joy,
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. This is fantastic!
    I am so glad I got to see this. I will go check out all of your friend's items.
    The details on your table are amazing.
    Love it all!

  18. What a fabulous and unique tablescape with the equestrian theme, wow! I love the horse as a centerpiece and the stitching plates, paired with the stitching napkins from RL and great napkin rings. Just awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Seasonal Sunday! FABBY

  19. Hi Linda...

    My friend, your equestrian table is AWESOME! Very unique and I love that! I don't think I've ever seen a tablescape theme like this! First of all, the antique bridal rosettes are gorgeous! I have never seen them before...they really are lovely! I would love to see how the Amish make these. They really do make the perfect napkin rings for this table! Ohhh...and could those "stitched" dishes be any more perfect? I love it! And truly, the crown jewel is that lovely old wooden horse...what a treasure! He certainly does make a GRAND statement for your table's centerpiece!

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome table with us for the Sunday Favorites party today, my friend! I sooo enjoyed it!

    Have a super Sunday!

  20. Wonderful. So rich and elegant.

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Stunning & understated-ly sophisticated! How do you know the fabric is RL? Any idea where to find more?


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