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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Retro Easter Table

This is one of my favorite tablescapes, mostly because I've been doing it each Easter for years.  If you're not a fan of the pastel look, it might sort of give you a toothache, but just for this holiday, I really love it!

Yep!  Lots of pastel!!!!

It always starts with this vintage tablecloth with these devilish looking bunnies.

Doesn't he crack you up?

There are eight matching napkins. 

This is the way I like to use them.

These white wooden rabbit napkin holders came from Pier One, years ago.

And the other vintage feature is the LuRay china, which I have collected for years.  It comes in four pastel colors, pink, blue, green, and yellow.  It is from the '40's.

I sometimes use just one color at a time for a very different look, but the mixture is the way it was sold.  As I am posting this, I see that there is some stray moss on the plate.  Here's one for the bloopers. 

Then, I used this pink flatware to really make it over the top springy!

I'm not much for hand painted glasses with leopard or "girl's night out", or some of the crazy things you can find, but I LOVE these with Easter baskets painted on them.  Needless to say, they only get used once a year!

For a little bit of class, I added Waterford wine stems.  I always debate between red or white wine glasses, as there is a difference of opinion of what goes with ham.

Even the LuRay salt and pepper set comes in two colors.

I always think this is the perfect table to use this little matching dish and spoon with foxgloves on it.  It is Carlton Ware.  I think I'm going to start keeping my eye out for more of this.  It sure is sweet.

 The centerpiece is more of a vignette than an arrangement.  I found this vintage toy fence several years ago and I decided to make a vegetable garden with it. 

Bunny McGregor tends the garden.

 I "planted" the garden with brussel sprouts for cabbages, little summer squash tops, and baby carrots with rosemary for the tops.  Then I surrounded the dish with green moss to resemble grass.

Here's last year's table.  I used pink linen napkins and added a bit more silverware.  I'll do the small bouquet of flowers in a blown out egg placed in the wooden egg cups again, but not until Sunday.  I'll also use this flower mold for butter.

Have you been noticing these fun little bunny nutcrackers?

Maybe a bit much?

Well, I couldn't resist when they came in exactly the same colors as the LuRay china.  You know, my mantra is "It's not done until it's overdone"!

Here's the coffee and tea tray.  I saw a pink LuRay pitcher at my bridge buddy's house this week and I wanted to run out with it, but I guess I can't have it all! 

What do you think?  Too much?  Well, remember that everyone is already on a sugar high from the Easter baskets, so why not send them into a total sweetness coma!

I'm linking up with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Thursday Tablescape party.


  1. What a sweet vintage tablecloth! I had some of those same napkins a few years ago and sold them in my shop; now I wished I'd kept them! I'm with you about the painted glasses -- but totally agree that the Easter basket glasses are an exception! Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. I love this! Lu-Ray is so beautiful and hard to find. Looks like you got it all! :) I also love the bunny in the garden. It is adorable.

  3. Oh please, when is this party I want to come on over. I love the tablecloth and the pastel!! Mr. McGregor's garden is a wonderful delight. Happy Easter and many blessings. Come visit, I've got another giveaway going on.

  4. Pastels and Easter are the perfect match. I am wild about your tablescloth! This is one I would love to find!!!!
    You have so many sweet and delightful detail... all done in cotton candy colors. Very very pretty!

  5. Not too much for me! I love the pastels this time of year, and your precious textiles are the perfect background for your LuRay dishes. Love the little bunny nutcrackers. I gave in a purchased a pair at World Market this spring. I'd not seen bunny nutcrackers before, but they were just too cute, and I had a $10 off coupon. ;-)
    Happy Easter! ~Sarah
    PS Not pastel, but a little more tartan arrived today. LOL

  6. Linda what a sweet( in a good way) table. Your garden is adorable and so clever! Love the veggies you used. Barb B.

  7. As soon as I started scrolling I just knew the dishes had to be Luray...beautiful table. Love your centerpiece!

  8. Linda, I swear I'm going to put you on the stand-up comedy circuit! You are hilarious!!! Once again, we are 2 peas in a pod. I mapped out my Easter brunch table a day ago and lo and behold...we have once again gone with a similar scheme!!! Our creative brains are just one in the same! It is amazing how we think so much alike!!! That vegetable garden is the greatest! Incredibly creative!!! Bunny Nutcrackers? I have never seen them in my life, but they are just as cute as can be!!! I really hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend. Enjoy yourselves!!!

  9. Oh, I wish we could come to dinner! Are you going to have some pastel butter mints on the sideboard? They would be perfect with the Luray dishes/color scheme. I have been planning my Easter table and thinking about you the whole time!

  10. What a charming table! I do love the vintage pastel dishes, but that garden centerpiece is SO, so clever! That really delighted me! This is a very special table that I know your guests will love!

  11. I have always enjoyed seeing the Luray china in antique malls. So, this was a delight to view your table set with the lovely china. The table linens accent the tablescape and cause you to step back in time. Wonderful centerpiece!

  12. I love every inch of this table. I'm not familiar with Luray, but now will be on the lookout for it! The little fence around the vingette is just darling. And the little arrangement of flowers in the egg cups is the crowning touch. GREAT table, not over the top - at all!

    - The Tablescaper

  13. I love your table. As I was working on mine today, I noted that Easter is one of the only opportunities to seat men at a completely feminine and frilly tablescape without apology. Made me kind of happy. Mine will be posted for next week's Tablescape Thursday. Your centerpiece is darling and quite clever. I like the colors in your LuRay. I've never seen them before...a new pattern to investigate. Thank you for sharing your darling design. Have a peace filled Easter. Cherry Kay

  14. I love pastels, and this table is just lovely! I hope you had a good Easter!


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