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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apple Blossom Breakfast

While scrolling through some drafts, I found this one that I prepared, but I never posted.  Since it's still spring, would you like to see it?

We have two apple trees out in the paddock area on the far side of the garden fence.  I can't tell you what kind of apples they bear, because the (dang) deer eat them before they are ripe.  Even the ones up high!  How does that happen?  Do they stand on each others' shoulders?  Anyway, the apple blossoms are the inspiration for this table.

We had a late, but lovely weekend breakfast on the terrace.  It's still a bit chilly in the a.m., but we're just dying to start dining outdoors.

I set the table starting with an old white Battenberg lace tablecloth. I discovered some stains on this that I've treated and I hope that they come out.  Then I chose Fire King jadite bowls, egg cups, and serving pieces. I don't know if the hobnail glasses are reproductions or not, and I can't remember where I got them.  The plate and cup are Pagnossin, from Italy.  I can't read any more of the stamp on the back. 

The centerpiece is a simple Ball jar with apple blossoms in it.  I do like these jars and I understand why they are so popular, but I will admit that every time I see one, I am reminded of one of the descendants of the Ball fortune that I knew and she was MEAN!!!!  Makes me appreciate them just a little less! 

Last spring, I bought these apple blossom napkin rings at Pottery Barn and this is the first time I have ever used them.

Don't they look pretty with this pink linen napkin and the pink flatware?

These egg cups must have been made for ostrich eggs!!!  This is an extra-large egg in here and it is dwarfed!  I like to use these demi-tasse spoons with soft boiled eggs.

The salt and pepper are over-sized, too, but, of course, I'm using them. 

I put the cream and sugar on the the table, but since we drink our coffee black and use Splenda on our cereal, I never even filled them.

But, it was a nice start to the weekend.  Even though we had an easy, warm winter, these early spring days are so precious.  Soon the pollen will be so bad that we stay in and then the heat comes, so we sat and sat and sat and read the paper and checked our email and talked.  It was not a fancy breakfast, but a special one.

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  1. So glad you shared this. It is lovely! I think apple blossoms are some of the prettiest of flowering fruit trees. Happy Sunday. ~ Sarah

  2. I love your jadite and the apple blossoms just complement the dishes so well. I'm visiting from Seasonal Sundays.

  3. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

  4. Linda,

    Such simplistic beauty. I love cherry blossom season but I have to say, the apple blossoms are lovely. And how perfect Jadite Fire King looks paired with delicate pink blossoms.

    Happy week to you!

  5. Beautiful tablecloth and the apple blossoms are perfect for the table. The Jadite Fire Kings looks pretty on the table.

  6. What a pretty post! The Jadite looks so pretty with the pinks. Love your tablecloth too. Yes, there are never enough days to eat outdoors. We always have to grab it when we can.

  7. I'm so pleased you remembered you had these photos. They are gorgeous. The jadite, the apple blossoms, and napkin rings are amazing!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. I would love to have your fresh apple blossoms to use in a bouguet. What a lovely post.

  9. Very Springtime pretty! Love the tablecloth and the pink flatware. The Jadite is perfect with it.

  10. Your apple blossoms are so pretty and the perfect pairing with your jadite! Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day.

    Susan and Bentley

  11. With a lovely porch like that, I'd be sitting out there too. Your table is absolutely charming. Love your pretty jadeite pieces. The apple blossoms are quite lovely and perfect on your table.. have a blessed week and weekend. xo marlis

  12. This is a very sweet post! I'm glad you dallied at this pretty table. Those apple blossoms (real and otherwise) make for a beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh, your lovely jadite is shown to perfection on this table! The apple blossoms -- real and the napkin rings -- add just the right touch of pink. Love this!

  14. Gorgeous apple blossoms...they are so pretty with the Jadite.

  15. I love that jadite...I remember when I saw a picture somewhere of Martha Stewarts where she had a ton of it. Beautiful setting.


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