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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden Club Party III

I'm making a few changes, but if this post looks familiar, most of these pictures were posted a few weeks ago when my garden club came.  Some things are done by now, and some things are blooming that weren't quite ready then, but there's not enough difference to re-shoot and re-post.  I'm excited to see everyone else's entries to Alison's Favorites On the First party at The Polohouse.  This month's theme is "Share Your Garden".  Thanks, Alison!  Your beautiful blog will always be one of my favorites.

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Here's my entry!!!

This week, my garden club came to my house for lunch.  I offered anyone who was interested to go into the cutting garden and see how it was coming for the season.  (I also asked for any suggestions they might have.)    I thought you might like to see what they saw on their tour.  Here's the pathway, with the stones newly cemented into place.  For over a year, we had the base of crushed granite and sand, but they were only placed on top.  Mr. Pressed Pants and I had a little difference of opinion on the next step, so we had a Mexican stand-off.

Getting a little closer.  Do you see the five knock-out roses on the outside of the fence?  No???  THAT'S BECAUSE THE DANG DEER HAVE EATEN THEM!!!!!  Yes they ate the roses.

I just love this rusty old gate.  We usually have to keep it closed with a bungee cord to keep the dang deer out.  Yep!  They actually open it with their noses and stroll in.  They are still known to jump the fence, but at least it is a bit of a deterrent. (You may notice that the term "dang deer" is used as one word around here.)

Ok, I'm done with my rant and now you are right inside the gate.  Notice that the hydrangeas are just starting to bloom.  Yea!  I love them.

Here's the sitting area without the cushions.  Because we irrigate the garden with overhead sprinklers, we keep the cushions in the potting shed so they don't stay wet.  We designed this sitting area to hold four chairs and a round table if we want to dine out here.  I keep the table in the potting shed.  

Now I have the cushions out.  I chose to use the blue ones today.  I seem to have a wardrobe of choices.  Do you remember the Ikat fabric on these pillows?  I used it for a tablecloth here.

Here's the other side.

I've used this zinc barrel for an end table here and planted succulents for it.  There is some difference of opinion in blogland whether this is a French laundry tub or English. Care to chime in?

This table is interesting and I've used succulents here too.  I hope they don't get too much water from the overhead sprinklers.  The rock is kept here because it seems I always need to weigh down a stack of napkins.

This is the orange part of the garden, and it's mostly annuals like zinnias and dalhias, so they are not too far along.

The begonias that line the walkway are doing pretty well, and the pink zinnia in the corner is very happy.  Hosta line the walkway on the other side.

This is the Wms. Sonoma fire pit that I gave Mr. Pressed Pants for Fathers' Day one year.  I don't plant too close to it, because thing would get trampled when adding logs, or roasting marshmallows.  :-) 

You can see the yellow hibiscus here, a hard color to find.  The peonies are across the pathway and they are much more vibrant than they photograph here.

The yellow roses are blooming their heads off and the lower plants are blue balloon flowers that have not quite bloomed.

This is my newest peony.  Isn't it pretty?

You can just see the pink bleeding heart here with yellow tickweed across the path.

No, we don't have to leave yet....I just wanted to show you the hosta and the way I've planted around the forsythia and bottle brush plants.

And in one shady corner, I've just recently added these ferns and planted white/green caladiums in front.  That little speck of lime green on the right is a lady's mantle that I've moved around for years and it is never happy anywhere I put it.  Any thoughts?

I did open the potting shed for anyone to take a peek.  

I clipped a few ferns and hosta and ligustrum for the wicker bottle holder.

You can get a complete tour of the potting shed here.

Are you warm?  Help yourself to some water and, as they say in the South, "sit a spell".

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  1. Your garden is so pretty! I love your potting shed.

  2. AHHHH, your garden is so relaxing and beautiful! I am surprised that your roses are blooming in the shade. I also am surprised that the deer eat them! They leave our ONE bush alone:):) Thanks for the tour. XO, Pinky

  3. Your garden is lovely, I'm sure it's spectacular when it's filled in with blooms. Be sure to show us. My hydrangea are blooming and my roses just finished their first bloom here on the west coast.

  4. WOWZA...your back yard is so dang that zinc tub....want.

  5. Oh my HEAVENS, Linda! Your garden is amazing! I just Pinned your potting shed. How cute is THAT?!!!
    I gave you credit in the caption so I am sure people will be coming by to see this adorable little building.
    After seeing this inside, I see... you are one serious gardener!

    No wonder those DangDeers are making their way in... those are BDDs!
    Brilliant Dang Deers! I would want to be in that garden if I were there TOO! Seriously!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Linda.
    Wow. Just smashing, as they say over the Pond!


  6. Many neighborhoods around here have a problem with deer, but so far we don't. I'm sorry they dined on your roses! Your garden is lovely with all the paths and special touches. Love your pink peonies! Wish we could grow them. Your potting shed is charming. That's another thing I'd like to have in my own garden.

  7. I'm drooling over your potting shed and I love the old iron gate. Coming over from Favorites on the First.

  8. Beautiful! And your potting shed is just amazing!

  9. What a wonderful tour! The front gate area is so charming and the potting shed is absolutely fabulous. Thanks for sharing your garden.


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