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Friday, May 18, 2012

Shrimp Vinaigrette

We had our wine group here last week and you can see a post of that here.  A couple of people emailed me asking for the recipe for this shrimp dish, and I'm happy to share.  It's a recipe I've had for years and years.  I remember so clearly in 1982 when Martha Stewart's first book came out called "Entertaining".  She was the first one out there who showed us how to throw a party or a dinner and make it the entire hospitality experience.  This has been a favorite in my repertoire ever since.  It's been served at graduations, engagement parties, house warmings, birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, and even funerals.  It's easy and can be done ahead and always well received.

Shrimp vinaigrette
 From: Martha Stewart (Entertaining)

            1 bay leaf
            1# shrimp (28/30)
            Vinegar – splash
            Add bay and vinegar, or just old bay seasoning to water
            And bring to a boil.  Add shrimp and cook just until pink
            2-3 min., drain, put in cold water, drain again.

            ½ c. olive oil
            3 T. white wine vinegar
            1 T. chopped shallots
            1 tsp. finely minced ginger
            1 clove garlic, minced
            1 T. chopped dill

Pour over shrimp and refrigerate for 1-2 days.

Option: wrap in split snow peas with toothpick

I'm going to repeat my method for serving this on a buffet that sits out for several hours:

First, I take a large, shallow bowl and fill it with crushed ice.

Then, hydrangea leaves hide the edge and give a look of freshness.

I sit the bowl of shrimp onto this and offer it with toothpicks.  Each shrimp can be wrapped in a split, blanched pea pod and held with a toothpick. I've done this and poked them into a leaf-wrapped styrofoam cone, but, after all of the extra work, I noticed to my dismay, that the cocktail plates had lots of discarded pea pods.  Never doing that again!


  1. I loved your post about your wine group and what you served. I have an autographed copy of Martha's "Entertaining" and have never tried this shrimp recipe. I will definitely give it a shot at one of our upcoming entertaining evenings. I thought your method for keeping the shrimp cool during the time it was on the table was so clever. I will definitely borrow that idea.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I remember sitting on the deck with A and munching on the leftover shrimp after her graduation party! Then you got me the cookbook, and I have made this recipe SOOOOO many times. It is always a hit. I always have requests for the recipe, too. But every time I make it, I think of snitching shrimp out of the rectangle Tupperware container with A.


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