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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bird Cage Fabric

Here's the table I set for dinner tonight.  We have been so busy and I have cooked so little lately, that I thought I would fix a nice dinner and set a pretty table for the two of us.

This cheerful fabric was the inspiration, and I knew I had lots of turquoise and pink to go with it.  I thought about doing a bird theme, but decided to just let these clear, pretty colors shine.

And this was the inspiration for the location.  This is on our lower stone terrace and the beds here are filling in so nicely.  Of course, like most of the country, we are ahead of the game seasonally, so I decided to use this space which we almost tend to forget about.

These dishes picked up the turquoise and the strong pink. The flower shaped plate is plastic and came from Target a couple of years ago.

This is the back of the china.  I picked it up many years ago at a consignment shop in Cleveland, Ohio and it has a ton of serving pieces.  I think I got a treasure here.

Our peonies are getting close to the end.  I wish I knew what variety these are, because I would love to plant more.  The pink has a touch of salmon in it and is almost shocking.  This is an old McCoy vase.

I was willing to let the peonies be the only flowers on the table, but then I spied these blue hydrangeas in the fabric.

I simply turned to my left and picked matching flowers to tuck into the napkins.  How often does that happen?

The glassware consists of Waterford Lismore stems for water, and turquoise Martha Stewart (for Macy's) tumblers that I was going to use for wine.

Mis-matched silverplate with a mother-of-pearl handled knife worked fine for flatware.

Just for a bit of earthiness, I added old oak barley twist wooden candlesticks.

It made such a fresh, pretty but unfussy table.

I forgot to take two chairs away before I was snapping pictures.

Here's the long view.

Here's the view taken from the upper terrace.

And this angle shows you a bit of the lake.  Those yellow things you see are kayaks on the dock.

As I was loading these photos, I remembered that I did a very similar table in this same area last spring when our peonies were at their peak.  Here's a picture of it.  These same colors were on this table, but have a very different feel.  You can see that whole post here.  If you go to that post, notice how much difference there is in the maturity of the flower beds this year compared to last.

Here's irony for you.  Last year, after I set that table, I heard the weather channel say that bad weather was heading in and I reluctantly brought the whole thing inside when it began to look threatening.  It turns out that it was a devastating tornado that went through the area and we could never have eaten outside without being blown to Kansas.  And today.....I had to bring everything inside again, as it began to rain about four p.m.  It just wasn't the same in the breakfast room, but we were dry and safe. My heart still goes out to those who suffered such terrible loss last year.  Many are still re-building and many lost so much more than material things.  How do you heal?

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  1. A beautiful table in a gorgeous sorroundings! I love your tabletopper with the bird cages, so very pretty. The dishes you picked for this setting are so lovely too. Weather is feakle around here too, lol.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness your table is so beautiful that I'm sure you had a lovely dinner anyway. I think when you want rain, you need to set this incredible table and wait for the weather!

  3. Oh how many times I have to bring my lovely table settings inside because the weather here can turn on a dime. Your Bordallo dinnerware is gorgeous, and peonies are my favorite flowers! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. Your thoughts on storms and victims is an interesting one. The news always provides coverage following the storms but how quickly we seem to forget though the individuals affected may never recover.

    Your table setting is so cheerful!

  5. Seriously gorgeous table and setting. Love your style. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. Wow! Martha Stewart has nothing on you! I love that you were able to pick both gorgeous peonies and hydrangea from your garden to adorn your table! And what a fabulous setting for an outdoor meal! Sorry you had to move it indoors, but that's spring weather for you.

  7. What a beautiful setting for dining al fresco. I want a lake and a forest of trees! How pretty your table looks and I love the fact that you go that extra for you and your hubby...that is something I've always done. It just makes me happy. The tablecloth is so fresh and ideal for spring/summer.

  8. Beautiful Linda! I adore your cheery birdcage tablecloth and of course your outdoor setting makes your table all the more spectacular! A garden oasis surrounded by those cool, green trees!

  9. That must be your bad weather table! I'm glad you got it moved inside both times. I do love that setting though. It's so romantic looking. The table looked wonderful, especially with those peonies. I agree about the unique color.

  10. What a very cheerful table with such bright happy colors. The setting is just wonderful and what a view? Love it!

    Robin Flies South

  11. Such a pretty table. I love your backdrop.. I could just stay there forever! The flowers are gorgeous. Have a blessed weekend.. xo marlis

  12. That is really weird! You use the same colors and bad weather happens!!! Maybe you should stick to strictly earth tones! :-) I love your lower terrace area!!! I would be out there setting up tablescapes all the time just for the heck of it! :-) You got one heck of a deal on that china, and it really is pretty. Don't you just love it when things work out that way? Your flowers have really matured and look fabulous!!!! Please come help me!!!!!! I have got to get some flowers in the ground...soon! My classes resume in exactly one month, and I don't want the house to look bare and unappealing. We'll be doing some of the classes outside (since it is about summertime tables!), and I want it to look lush. Can't afford a landscaper right now, but gotta do something!!!!! Yours are really great! Have a good weekend, Linda, and enjoy that beautiful terrace!

  13. Thanks for joining the Mother's Day Challenge at Let's Dish with this pretty table. I am sure you meant to dedicate this to her. :)
    Happy Mother's Day, Linda!

  14. I am jealous with your table. Wish we had also the same beautiful garden as what you have here so we can enjoy the beauty of nature. Thanks for sharing your table!

    Pintuck Tablecloths

  15. What a beautiful setting... the natural and the tablescape! I absolutely love peonies, and yours are gorgeous. Sorry you had to move inside, but glad you were safe :)

  16. What a gorgeous setting! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  17. Gorgeous! I have that same little turquoise McCoy vase!!!


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