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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bridge Buddies' Fall Luncheon

If you've followed this blog for long, you know how much I look forward to having my Bridge Buddies here for lunch.  Last fall I did a pale, neutral colored tablescape with lots of natural, rustic items for them, so I decided this year to walk a bit on the wild side and set a bright, sparkly table.  The more subdued, rustic look is more me, but I have to say that I rather like this design, too. 

Three large, glittered pumpkins were the basis of this centerpiece that I placed on an old gold colored damask tablecloth.

Then I added some small items, some of which were glittered or beaded.  Then, I added some velvet leaves and feathers.

And this little guy joined the party in his cute little velvet outfit.

Then I carried the decorations to the back of the chairs with some wheat, ribbon, and berries.

In place of a charger, I used these wreaths with orange berries.  They are meant to be fluffed out for lots of texture and depth, but here I used them flattened down, which is good because that's what happens when they are stored!

Then this off-white, gold banded Lenox dinner plate holds the leaf -shaped salad plate.

Here's how it looked with the autumn salad and puffed pastry croutons that I cut into oak leaves and acorns. (I'll do a separate post of the recipes.)

But, before it was filled, it looked a bit pale and uninteresting, so I moved the metal bittersweet placecard holder onto the salad plate.

Then I took the menu card.....

and snuggled it in beside the salad plate for a little more interest. 

A bittersweet colored napkin was held with these very special gold napkin rings from my sweet friend, Allison.  I thought the table had enough bling, so I toned it down with wooden-handled flatware in place of silver.

The amber glassware was an easy choice.

I served the pumpkin/carrot soup in these little covered bowls.

It was pretty yummy!  The open-faced brie/apple sandwiches don't look here as good as they tasted, though.

This is one of the plates I used for the gooey pumpkin cake, but, alas, there's no photo of it.  I guess it's asking too much for me to remember to take a photo of every course!

These salt and pepper shakers look giant here, but they are really quite small.

We brought this amber bottle back from France, and I like to use it for water.

This wine wasn't chosen for the label, but it does work, doesn't it?

Here's the coffee and tea set-up.

It was a smaller group than usual, but there were just enough for a table of bridge. 

Here's an overhead shot of the table.

Do you have time for more?  I'll show you how some of the rest of the house looked that day.  This is the sideboard in the dining room.  See?  This is more my style than all of that bold-colored glitter!

And this is a small vignette in the bar.

And the guest bathroom had several fall touches.

I'll always love this Osborne and Little wallpaper with acorns and oak leaves and the cream hand towel echoes this perfectly.

And the soap does, too!

This black forest bird vase is just the right size for a small handful of fall flowers and berries.

And, in the kitchen, this small grouping keeps the feeling of fall on the counter.

Oh yea!!!  I forget to show you the favors for the girls.  I made each one a packet of this stationery. They're stamped, embossed and hand water colored.  Sounds like a lot of work, but they just took a very few minutes.  I've used this same image often for fall menus, invitations, or place cards.  

I'm so privileged to call these women my friends.  And it's also my privilege to have them for lunch now and then.  Do you have such a group in your life?

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  1. You'd think with all the spare body parts laying around that someone could have given you a helping hand with all the work!?

    This was very well done!

  2. Terrific Halloween vignettes! I love all your dishes with ghosts! Great!! Happy Halloween from Table To Tuesday! Big hugs,
  3. Great vignettes. What a great party idea.
  4. What a fun party set up, Linda! You really outdid yourself! I must be a kid at heart, too, because I love the idea of the fog machine and the skeleton hand out the door! It just adds to the spooky fun! Seriously?!? You had someone to show up early?!?!?!! That always freaks me out. I use those 15-20 minutes prior to "show time" to catch my breath, light candles, turn on the music, put ice in the cooler...all those last minute kinds of things. When people show up early I always end up forgetting something! Off with their heads...then put some salad greens around those heads and add them to the decor! :-) :-) :-)
  5. Oh how fun and all of the decor is unreal. Thanks for joining TTT Hugs, marty
  6. How funny and what a great way to get a party going with the creepy hand at the door!! All of your deco looks great...especially the pile of bones!
  7. Clever idea for a Halloween party. The wine selection sounds interesting. I'm going to look for these just to see the wine labels. ;-)
    Happy Halloween.......Sarah
  8. Well! Looks like a great time! Those salted caramel cupcakes sound divine and all your attention to detail is amazing. Early guests? Off with their heads!
  9. Wow, it looks great! You have amazing attention to detail! Here from Inspiration Friday. (I have that gauzy dollar store fabric too-isn't it great?!)
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Please let me know what you think of this posting. I treasure your comments and love the feedback.

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