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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chukkar Farm Wedding - Part II - Decor

These two creative young people had a clear vision of what they wanted this event to look like.  The bride is a graphic designer, and the groom is a woodworker, among their many other talents.  And even though they were definite with their desires, they were so very lovely to work with and easy to please.  There was a small army of loving friends who gathered at 9 am the morning of the wedding to transform the dream into reality. If you missed yesterday's post about the venue, Chukkar Farm Polo Club, you can see it here.
I never made the bridal bouquet before, but this loose, gathered design was easy to do.  We arrived to buckets of flowers, so we started with the most special pieces to be sure we had enough of the most lovely flowers.  Coral and turquoise were the colors used throughout the planning with lots of burlap and natural colors.  These coral ranunculus, peach David Austin garden roses, white delphinium, and several varieties of mums were the basis for these bouquets.  The bridesmaids bouquets were smaller versions of this. 
The men's boutonnieres were so simple and perfect.  We just wrapped coral hyperninum berries and a bit of greenery with twine.  It looked so cute on their suspenders.
These were the flower girls' baskets.  You can't really see here, but they were birch bark baskets that we trimmed out with burlap and a touch of baby's breath.
Early in the morning, we attempted to put the tablecloths out in the gravel area between the barn and the party pavilion.  The wind was so strong that we had to tip the chairs to keep the cloths on the tables.  This slowed us down just a bit, but by afternoon, the wind died down and we got back to work.
This is the look as it was coming together.
Here is the centerpiece with the glittered chipboard table number leaned against the mercury glass candle holder.
You can see that the bride wanted just a suggestion of meadow flowers on each table, and it was beautiful like that.
The children had their own picnic tables.
The non-alcoholic beverages were set up in front of the barn.
The party pavilion across the gravel area was beginning to look like this!
And at the entrance to the pavilion, the white wine was chilled in an old baby bathtub and the curtains were held back with burlap bows and large bunches of baby's breath.
The vintage canoe was fitted out with plastic to hold ice for drinks and decorated with ferns.  Note the "J + H" vinyl cutout custom made for them, which you'll see re-occur several places in the décor.
I just had to show you this again so you could see the "staff" that was helping make critical decisions!
This old sideboard served the red wine.
The flowers were simple and colorful.

What's a southern wedding without cornhole?  Can you see the heart decal again?  Sorry for the glare.

This cute tee-pee was another design element that the bride included.

The top was decorated with burlap, lace and some flowers.  More glittered chipboard letters spelled out "love" and swung gently in the wind.

Inside were a collection of pillows and a lace tablecloth on the grass.  I love this pillow fabric and you'll see this design and these colors lots of other places.  Even the invitation had this unique element.

Many places had these slabs of tree trunks topped with lanterns.

What a cute way to offer sparklers on this old washstand.


Vases with candles in them, wrapped with twine hung from the equestrian equipment.

Near the bar area, around the dance floor, the small cocktail tables were given a cheerful little nod.

This old trunk on the industrial lorry was lined with an old lace tablecloth for gifts.

This is the bar before the set-ups were brought in.

The flowers on the bar carried through the bride's color selections.
In front of the club house, we set this old rocking chair with a simple tin of flowers and a chicken wire-lined picture frame.

It held the escort cards!  See the heart and arrow design again?
Here's the bride's beautiful mother.  She's a dear friend of mine and she's just as pretty inside as out.  All the women in the wedding party were wearing these matching kimonos while working on the décor and getting hair and make-up done.  They looked so cute and were just a darling group of women and were SOOOO much fun to work with. 
Tomorrow's post will be the actual wedding photos.  It's a stunner!



  1. Looks like such an amazing event!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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